BrewDog Is Opening the World's First Craft Beer Hotel and You Can Help!

Imagine a hotel where you can get fresh beer on tap without having to leave your room, and a hop-infused spa treatment centered around everything craft beer. Sounds like heaven. While this may be every craft beer lovers fantasy, BrewDog is about to turn that fantasy into reality with their latest punk business endeavor of opening up a craft beer hotel.

While Stone Brewing may have had their hotel in the works for some time now, the Scottish brewery BrewDog has announced their plans to open the world's first crowdfunded craft beer hotel in September 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Their Equity for Punks Program has allowed the public to invest in the BrewDog brand, allowing them to bring beer to the people that demand it.

Through this program, investors, beer lovers, and even your grandmother can contribute their hard earned cash to the BrewDog brand. By crowdfunding through equity for punks, BrewDog has earned the capital to bring their craft beer hotel - known as The Doghouse - to life.

Filled with only the most heavenly of things, this craft beer hotel is what the beer world has been waiting for. The rooms will come equipped with a self-serve tap pouring up perfect pints of Punk IPA. If that wasn't good enough, the rooms - or should I say bathrooms - include an in the shower beer fridge so you won't run dry on your daily shower beer or two.

What do they have in store for the luxury suite you might be wondering? Let's just say there's a hot tub filled with Punk IPA awaiting the special guest lucky enough for a night's stay. All guests, will of course, enjoy the luxury of a private tour of the US BrewDog brewing facility that is set to open later this year.

And the view from the room? Forget an ocean view room. Staying at The Doghouse means you get to look at the glorious oak foeders right outside your room. Along with the fresh smell of mashing in from the sour facility - yes there will even be a sour beer facility - that is planned to be on site, what else could you ask for?

If you want to get in on all the perks, backers on can bag a free night stay as well as the first of five releases from the sour beer facility. For all the ballers out there, a $30,000 contribution towards The Doghouse will enable them to host an all night event for the extravaganza of their choice.

If they take pre-opening reservations, I recommend to book now. Because the no-vacancy on this hotel is about to get crazy.

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