‘Breaking Bad’ Los Pollos Hermanos Coming to Austin for SXSW

Austinites and fans of TV's Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have something to celebrate -- a real-life version of the show's fictional fried-chicken joint Los Pollos Hermanos will open in Austin during South by Southwest, the Austin Towers blog reports based on permit applications filed with the city.

A permit filed with the city of Austin describes a temporary, 1,400-square-foot space with A-2 occupancy -- that is, a restaurant -- near the corner of Fifth and Colorado streets downtown, near Frank.

If that isn't enough to keep fans happy, Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk, is slated to speak on March 12 during the conference.

No word if Los Pollos Hermaos manager Gus Fring will make an appearance; given how things ended for the character, that could be difficult.

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