Minnesota Vikings Fans Win the Roughest Tailgating Conditions Prize

If you thought being a dedicated sports fan meant dressing up for the games, painting your face, or dabbling in a little tailgate cookout action, you may want to think again. Sure, every city with a team in the National Football League has a dedicated fanbase. But when it's the dead of winter, things change and tailgates become less of a major event. That is, if you're living in a place outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, otherwise known as home to the Minnesota Vikings.

Fans like that of the Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers and New York Giants can relate to the struggle of tailgating in the winter, but there is no tailgate like the ones in winter's unrelenting, blizzard-like conditions in Minneapolis.

Although their beloved Vikings didn't make it to the playoffs this season, that hasn't stopped them from being one of the most dedicated fanbases in the NFL, and there's living proof of it all over the internet.

Just because it's -20 degrees outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy an ice-cold brewski fireside. And by fireside we mean putting your beer by the fire in efforts to keep said beer in liquid form.

It's not the only place it happens, though. Here's a beer slushy forming the great city of Chicago.

Oh, you didn't believe us? If you leave your beer (or your beverage of choice) unattended to, it will become a slushy.

But being the dedicated fanbase that they are, they'll still probably drink it. Beer slushy, anyone?

And you thought rain would keep people from tailgating. How about  the lovely combination of ice and snow? For a Vikings fan, that's just called 'Sunday'.

Even the kiddos can get in on this whole tailgating in the (less than) freezing conditions.

All it takes is a jacket and some fluffy socks, and your little one is tailgate ready!

New Years Day Vikings Victory #usbankstadium #vikings ????

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Regardless of it being the dead of winter, fans still show up to support their favorite team.

Glenn Stubbe/Star Tribune

After the completion of their new stadium, some fans and fo were concerned about tailgating space. However, when it's your favorite team, you figure out how to make it work.

For the vikings, that's tailgating in the parking lots available on game day. Yes, especially even in the snow.

Sarah Stone/Buzzfeed

In the end, it's all about team spirit, even if that spirit is purple camouflage clad with a painted face and thick jacket.

In Minneapolis, the Vikings run supreme and their fans know it. If -20 degree weather doesn't stop them from tailgating, what's stopping you?

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