Brace Yourself, The Walking Dead Beer Is Back from the Dead

The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA collaboration is back from the dead - sorry, couldn't help myself. Georgia based Terrapin Beer Co. and Skybound Entertainment are back in action to bring us the official beer of zombie lovers. Hitting the shelves this February for a second release, AMC's The Walking Dead diehards now have another reason to look forward to Sunday night.

Available in 6-pack 12-ounce cans, the appropriately styled Blood Orange IPA is packing more of a punch the second go around. Taking on a flavor profile that is even heavier on the blood oranges than the original, Terrapin is upping the game from its original 2015 release - and as it should.

Even the can artwork screams fandom. Sporting the iconic Terrapin dressed in true zombie fashion, blood drips down the can with walkers in the distance. With the highly intense cliff hanger from last season, and brutal introduction of the new enemy, this is the brew undead lovers are going to need to calm their nerves.

Having strong roots in Georgia, it's only fitting that Terrapin be part of such a collaboration. The comic book as well as the majority of the show's filming takes place in Senoia, Georgia. Some episodes have even featured Terrapin beer. The undead and Terrapin are a match made in heaven.

If the idea of a zombie beer pairing entices you, you'll be happy to hear this isn't the only Walking Dead beer collaboration in the works. Inspired by Neagan's deadly friend, The Beer Connoisseur reported that Lucille will be next in a line of undead beers to come. Lucille will be an imperial stout with blackstrap molasses and vanilla, then aged on "hickory, maple, and white ash - the three woods used to produce baseball bats."

Available in states that Terrapin legally distributes, all fans of walkers better load up while supplies last. And enjoy to the last drop, before everyone becomes infected with the new Walking Dead beer line.

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