Bottoms Up! A Whiskey on the Rocks Will Never Be the Same

The only thing more sophisticated than a sharp glass of whiskey is a bunch of whiskey stones. These Whiskey Stones from Quiseen are the perfect way to add a little edge to your glass of whiskey while also keeping the temperature cool and crisp.

You dress up your risky on the rocks with these ice cubes that won't dilute your drink for just $10.00. Because whiskey is such a complex alcohol, many forgo the ice cubes so the flavor isn't lost. With these stones, you can sip a cool drink and taste every bit of the whiskey in your glass.

Whiskey Stones by Quiseen

whiskey stones

This stones kit contains nine chilling stones made from natural soapstone. These stones are designed to keep your drink cold without sacrificing the flavor you want. To prep the stones, just store in your freezer when not in use and they are ready to go.

The stones are perfect for any beverage choice and are sure to add a fun twist to the average cocktail. Keep it clean with these reusable cubes that also prevent water waste, and enjoy an ice-cold drink like a pro. Bottoms up!