Bored of Egg Noodles? Funkify Your Soups with 11 Pasta Shapes

Winter is the season for soups and pasta so naturally, they should be combined  in the same dish so that you can enjoy their hearty warmth even on the coldest nights. However, just because you will be eating tons of carb-filled one-pot soups doesn't mean that you should drown your culinary creativity.

This season, while you could enjoy the classics like macaroni, spaghetti, and fettuccine, you could also expand your pasta pallet with a few of these fun and unusual shapes.

1. Farfalle

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So as to not get too wild out of the gate, let's start with an introduction to alternative pasta shapes with farfalle.

Also known as "bow-tie" pasta in English, this butterfly-shaped pasta is a truly beautiful addition to see floating around in your soup.

2. Strozzapreti

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Like most pasta names, the actual Italian translation actually means something. In the case of strozzapreti, it means "priest choker".

Allegedly, this pasta got its name not from its un-uniform, rope-like shape, but from the priests who gobbled their strozzapreti-stuffed meals to quickly and choked on these uneven noodles.

3. Pipe Rigate

If you simply love macaroni because of its unique ability to hold an incredible amount of sauce in its curves, then you will love pipe rigate.

This noodle is similar to macaroni with one significant improvement: It has one end that is slightly wider than the other making it perfect for scooping up the maximum amount of sauce without having it leak out the other end.

4. Radiatori

Just like the name suggests, these little noodles look like miniature ruffled radiators. And just like radiators, they are piping hot and utterly desirable during the winter, making them perfect for all your winter soups.

Think of them as little heaters for your stomach.

5. Stelle

Who doesn't want little, baby stars in their soup? You don't even have to be a kid to love these (even though they are always a hit with the little ones.).

Eat them with a light sauce of butter and salt or add them to any broth-based soup for fun and flavor.

6. Cappelletti

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Think of these noodles like mini, hat-shaped ravioli.

Their unique twisted shape makes them delightful for soups where you need a meat-filled dumpling to add a little extra sustenance.

7. Anelli

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Who doesn't want spaghetti-o's on occasion!? So why not make your own.

Add these rings to any tomato soup and voilà, you have a wonderfully comforting bowl of a childhood favorite.

8. Conchiglie

If you're a fan of shell mac-and-cheese then you've already enjoyed conchiglie. These little guys are good bet for almost any soup.

The ridged edges can soak up tons of broth and their deep middles make excellent crevices to hold all variety of ingredients.

9. Ditalini

This shape is traditional in Sicily where they are used in a wide variety of dishes. However, for our purposes, these are also an ultimate soup pasta.

These short and stubby tubes soak up anything that they come into contact within their circular embrace.

10. Rotelle

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Another child-friendly option, rotelle are not only delicious but incredibly fun.

Their wheel shape makes them great to admire in your soup as well as the perfect vehicle for meat and veggies to wedge their way into every bite.

11. Orecchiette

Listen up, "little ears" are excellent for soups with a little more body. Their concave middles make them ideal to hold both the broth and chunks from you soup so that you can easily enjoy multiple flavors in every bite.

No more choosing between noodles or vegetables in every spoonful!

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