The 4 Best Dog Beer and Cat Wine Brands Made for Furry Friends

We've been told that drinking alone means that you're either sad or have a "problem." (Trust us, we're perfectly fine. Everything's fine!) We've found a great workaround to avoid this, though. We'd like to introduce you to the idea of booze for pets if you're a dog owner or a cat owner. Booze for pets is real, and, as you'll see, it's a great, healthy addition to your cat or dog's diet.

No, there's no actual booze in these products and all are classified as non-alcoholic wine or beer. Most are made with ingredients that will add vitamins and minerals to your pet's daily intake. Some, though, do promote calmness or excitement in Fido or Sylvester. Here are four of the top pet wine companies we could find on the market today, perfect to set up your own pet wine tasting.

1. Apollo Peak

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Based in Golden, Colorado, not so far from Denver, Apollo Peak specializes in non-alcoholic cat wine and dog wine. Some popular varieties include The Meowtini, The Chardognay, and The Doggy Mary. For cats, they offer Pinot Meow and the Catbernet, among other pun-worthy flavors.

They also make Fur Locos, which is a non-toxic combination of natural ingredients like organic beets, chamomile, lemongrass, and hemp seed oil. The effect? Some will make cats excited, like liquid catnip wine, while making dogs calm. The phrase "uppers and downers" seems appropriate here.

2. Bowser Beer

Before we talk beer, we must inform you that Bowser Beer makes meat-based cigars for dogs. They also make Puptato Chips and pretzels for dogs. Yes, we want to try them ourselves. Moving on. Their beers include Cock-a-Doodle Brew, Brown Beefy Ale, and Porky Pug Porter. If you're a cat lover, you might be out of luck when it comes to Bowser, but hey, that's alright.

The Bowser beers contain real chicken, beef, and pork respectively, and don't have added salt nor fat. Barley and glucosamine are included to add vitamins and amino acids and to promote joint health. Bud Light does that for us too, right?

3. Pet Winery

Like Apollo Peak, Pet Winery makes dog and cat wine. Meowsling, FetchMe Grigio, and Purrgundy are our personal favorites. They also make a dog beer called Bark Brew. Bark Brew comes in Beef Ale, Chicken Ale, and Calm Ale varieties.

The Calm Ale sounds delicious; it has salmon oil, hemp oil, and malt. Pet Winery also sells DoggieTea and KitTEA pet teas. KitTEA has catnip and Valerian root, whereas DoggieTea includes dandelion, dill seed, and skull cap.

4. Snuffle Dog Beer

Antwerp-based Snuffle Dog Beer is the first import on our list. They describe their beer as beer "in the emotional sense of the word." We love that.

Mineral extracts, malt, barley, and other goodies make this non-alcoholic beer both tasty and healthy. So what are you waiting for? Pour up a wine glass or a pint glass for your best friend.

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