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Bobby Flay and Daughter Sophie's Podcast Proves Food is Family


Chef Bobby Flay is a Food Network Star, host of several Food Network shows, like Beat Bobby Flay and most importantly, a father. Chef Bobby Flay is the father to his only child, Sophie Flay. He shares daughter Sophie with his second wife, Kate Connelly. Sophie is a superstar in her own right. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Sophie took a job as a community journalist for ABC7 News in Los Angeles. The father-daughter duo has an incredibly strong bond. One unique thing they bond over is, of course, food. The two have recently started a podcast dedicated to bringing their personal discussions to the public. The glimpse into the duo's life and conversations are sure to show them both in a new light.

Bobby Flay's Daughter

It's not often that you can say you grew up with a celebrity chef and Iron Chef for a dad. Bobby's Flay's daughter Sophie Flay grew up dining at Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, Burger Palaces all over the country, and Bar American in Connecticut. Sophie Flay admits that she does more of the eating, while her dad takes care of the cooking.

Sophie and her dad starred together in the TV show, "The Flay List". They traveled around New York City together, dining at Bobby's favorite restaurants and Sophie's favorite restaurants. Bobby always had to show her his favorite ice cream or gelato spot. Sophie always had to snap a picture for her social media platforms. Watching their dynamic gave viewers a fun glimpse into their everyday life.

Their joint podcast, Always Hungry, is a chance for them to talk about life, which inevitably always turns to food. Each episode revolves around a certain food or dish, like brunch or tacos. The podcast debuted on April 27, 2021.


You can listen to new episodes of Always Hungry every Tuesday wherever you stream your podcasts.

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