Bright Blue Wine Now Open for Pre-Orders in the U.S.

Did somebody say blue wine?! You read that right. The peculiar geniuses over at Gik have produced a blue wine that is so popular that overseas, over 100,000 bottles sold in over 25 countries in January. How did they come up with this? Well, let me break it down for you.

Here's everything you need to know about blue wine, including where you can preorder it in the United States. Gik is a Spanish company, and the wine made its rounds in Europe during the summer of 2016 when the pandemonium over blue wine caused quite a stir in the wine industry.


Food and Wine

Now unlike your traditional wine producers, Gik and its indigo dye wine does not have a denomination of origin. Why do you ask?

Well, Gik believes in partnering with innovative grape producers and actually source their ingredients from five different vineyards in Spain and France, including but not limited to, the Basque region with Basque country white grapes.

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The wine is a mix of red and white Spanish grapes, while the turquoise or neon blue color is due in large part to color extracted from grape skin naturally and mixed with a plant-based dye with organic pigments.

Gik has no added sugar and is 100 percent organic, though non-caloric sweeteners are added. Although there is no set date on the U.S. release, but pre-orders are open and one bottle starts at $16. Not bad for such an innovative and new product.


The reason those youngins over at Gik decided to make the wine blue came from a book titled The Blue Ocean StrategyThe team explained,

When we started to work on our project we came across a book called The Blue Ocean Strategy. This explained that there are red oceans, full of sharks which have torn the little fish so much that they've tinted the water red.

Then there are blue oceans, where there is no competition and fish swim unharassed. Thus the poetic idea of transforming a red ocean into a blue ocean through changing the most traditional red liquid into blue was one which greatly appealed to us."

When + Where?

Gik is a company made by a bunch of 20-somethings with no wine experience. I find it refreshing and enamoring for them to attack such a regulated and highly judged market. They're pioneering a brand new wine category both abroad and in America.

It's working for them and everyone isn't as traditional as we thought. There is no exact U.S. release date, but you can pre-order your bottle here and let us know how you enjoy the wine of the ocean blue.

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