Blue Bell Will Have You Two Steppin' with the New Revamped Release

Leave it to Blue Bell to drop a 4th of July Ice Cream alongside the return of a fan favorite at around the same dang time. That's right, not only can you purchase and enjoy everything patriotic and brilliant about their Red, White, and Blue Bell ice cream, you also get the added joy brought out by the re-release of Cookie Two Step.

This ice cream is full of wonderment and pure excellence, combining their traditional award-winning vanilla ice cream with a pinch of brown sugar, chocolate creme-filled cookies and globs of chocolate chip cookie dough throughout. Blue Bell first released this once re-called ice cream in honor of national ice cream month last July, and is doing so again with a bang.

Though it was recalled in the fall of 2016 due to Listeria concerns with the cookie dough in the ice cream, this sweet treat has made a triumphant return to store shelves. Announced Thursday morning via their Instagram page, Cookie Two Step is causing an outburst of wanderers in search of the missing piece to their freezer's ice cream collection.

It doesn't take long to notice how loved this ice cream is by simply meandering through the comments of the announcement. Those outside the state of Texas may or may not get access to this summer staple in the making, but those inside the land of Blue Bell --also known as Texas -- have already began the hunt for their beloved's return.

What's the best way to see if your local grocers are carrying (or if they plan to carry) Cookie Two Step? Give them a ring or better yet, start a hunt of your own! You'll likely be joined by other two steppin' lovers in your quest. To those in search of this creamy wonderland, we cheers you and wish you the best on your search!

Have you already found Cookie Two Step in stores? Leave a comment with the when and where of your findings to help out your fellow Blue Bell lovers of the world!

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