Blue Bell Reveals the Best Holiday Ice Cream Release Yet

When it comes to seasonal releases, Blue Bell does not keep its fans waiting. Whether they delighted you all summer long with Banana Split Sundae or Pink Camo 'n Cream, there's a Blue Bell flavor for everyone. In fact, we love Blue Bell so much, we even ranked the 20 best flavors to find the ultimate Texas ice cream. While those summer releases are delicious, Blue Bell has officially switched gears and are now delivering their famed holiday classics to store shelves.

Starting the holiday season off with a bang, the Texas ice cream brand released Peppermint and Peppermint Bark to stores, and this morning they announced that another Christmas flavor is arriving on shelves today. Get ready, y'all! Blue Bell Christmas Cookies ice cream is back on your store shelves.

Blue Bell Christmas Cookies Ice Cream is Back!

The color of the ice cream alone immediately makes you feel that holiday cheer as the sugar cookie ice cream is flecked with red sprinkles and green icing swirl through the carton. What kind of favorite holiday cookies does Christmas Cookies have? Well, only the three best holiday cookies ever: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and sugar!

You can't go wrong with any Blue Bell ice cream flavor that tastes like it was hand-cracked for your half-gallon that morning so here are five ways we're putting this new holiday flavor to good use once we have that first bowl or two.

1. Place the seasonal flavor between two actual Christmas cookies to form a delicious ice cream sandwich, and you can even dip one end in a magic chocolate shell.

2. Blend it up in a thick and creamy milkshake using our ratio of milk to ice cream for the perfect consistency.

3. Gift a half-gallon away this season as a host or hostess gift. You can never go wrong with ice cream, and it's a sweet treat for the couple to enjoy once their holiday party is over.

4. Whip up an icebox pie. Sure, it might be a summertime specialty, but Christmas Cookies is a flavor that's just asking to be spread out in a graham cracker crust.

5. Turn it into an ice cream float or soda by pairing with it with your favorite cream soda. Everyone will be asking for seconds!

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