Blue Bell Fans, Your Favorite Summer Flavor is Back in Stock

Memorial Day may have passed and red, white, and blue may be out of fashion until July 4th rolls around, but Blue Bell thinks that Americana should never go out of style. To fill the gap between our country's two favorite patriotic holidays, Blue Bell has decided to re-release their Red, White, and Blue Bell ice cream.

Since 2014, our freezers were deprived of this tri-flavor wonder. Today, however, we can celebrate its return. The only caveat is that we don't know how long this flavor will be around. But that is the way of Blue Bell's limited-time flavors.

This colorful dessert combines a strawberry ice cream that is peppered with real strawberries, a vanilla ice cream that is smoothly churned, and a blueberry ice cream that is bursting with fresh blueberries. And everything is packaged side by side in one carton.

The only dilemma is how to combine the flavors. Do you eat them separately? All together? Blueberry with strawberry? But what about the vanilla? To come to a consensus, you're going to have to conduct a taste test.

The Packaging Says it All

Not only are the stripes of flavor delicious, but they are visually enticing. And so is the carton. Sprinkled with stars and painted in stripes, each half-gallon and pint-sized container of Red, White, & Blue Bell will call to your inner American.

Just be sure to stock up. Once you've tried it, you'll want to be sure that you have the taste of America in your freezer for the foreseeable future.

About Blue Bell

Texans know Blue Bell almost as well as they know their own neighbors. In fact, you're almost guaranteed to see a carton of this creamy, churned ice cream in your friends' freezer.

Hailing from Brenham, Texas, this small town treat has blossomed into a popular addition to many households, barbecues, and school cafeterias. Even despite their ups and downs, the brand seems to be able to weather the storm and retain a rabid customer base. In fact, many people come home just to have another taste of Blue Bell in their lives.

Perhaps this has to do with the company's genius technique of rotating their flavors. Aside from the classics, there is a very limited selection of flavors that remain permanently available on the shelves. So that means, once you're hooked, you will need to remain a loyal follower. Otherwise, you may not know the next time your favorite flavor is released.

So if you love Red, White, and Blue Bell, it's time to head over to your nearest grocery store and pick up a carton for yourself to celebrate the end of your week.


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