Which Birthday Cake Recipe Pairs with Your Birth Month?

If you were a birthday cake, what flavor would you be? Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, strawberry cake with whipped frosting, butter cake with fresh berries, or maybe you would be a Funfetti cake. Like flavors of the season, each birthday month has the best birthday cake suited just for the special people born that month. If you're looking for birthday cake ideas you've come to the right place!

Whether you're a regular baker or just pull out the stand mixer for special occasions, these cakes are easy to recreate at home. So grab your cake flour, get your unsalted butter to room temperature, and preheat your oven! Let's get started! From January to December, here are the 12 best birthday cakes that best represent every month of the year.

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1. January: Funfetti

Sweet Peas Kitchen

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like the Funfetti cake. This colorful celebration cake brightens up any birthday with it's rainbow sprinkles and speckled white cake, which in the cold month of January is a welcoming treat. The cake that every kid wants, and every classmate wants to eat, make going back to school fun with this birthday treat.

Or, if you're an adult, at least bring back those carefree childhood memories that drown out the monotony of work and help the birthday person forget how much money they just forked over during the holiday season. If only for one day, since it is their birthday, after all.

While you may be used to the typical cake mix that comes from a box, treat the special birthday someone right with a homemade cake. The extra step taken to brighten up someone's special day with the irresistible Funfetti cake is precisely what a January birthday needs. Heck, let them eat the cake batter off the paddle attachment! For a Funfetti frosting recipe, check out our list.

You'll use two round 9-inch cake pans for this double decker recipe, but it can easily be converted into a sheet cake. Get this recipe here.

2. February: Red Velvet Cake

Sally's Baking Addiction

Love is in the air, and so are red balloons, birthday balloons that is. With everything red in season, no birthday cake is better suited for February than the Red Velvet Cake. Tangy buttermilk, unsweetened cocoa, a dose of vanilla extract, and a touch of acidic vinegar build the dense, moist cake that's slathered in a rich cream cheese frosting.

With a touch of red dye added, red velvet is truly one of the most unique layer cakes out there, making it perfect for the February birthday boy or girl. This would work as a cupcake recipe, but you would need to adjust the total time for baking. Get the recipe here.

3. March: Carrot Cake

Real Life Dinners

The seasons are beginning to change, fresh produce is back on the plate, and early spring birthdays are celebrating with the Easter bunny's favorite cake, Carrot Cake. Full of flavor, this tasty cake is packed with shredded carrot, crushed pineapple, shredded coconut, and crunchy walnuts - and raisins if you like those weird dried up things.

Complimented by a cream cheese frosting, this spring veggie never tasted so good. Oh, and to those birthday folks that despise veggies, sorry, you get carrot cake anyways. You can just lick off the cream cheese frosting. Get the recipe here.

4. April: Strawberry Shortcake

Unusually Lovely

Whether you prefer pound cake, Southern-style biscuit cake, Angel food cake, or cupcakes for your strawberry shortcake, this is the cake meant for April babies - I should know, I am one. You simply can't go wrong though with a buttermilk and vanilla cake layered with homemade whipped cream and topped with a mound of fresh strawberries.

Stacked to the high heavens in springtime goodness, this cake makes April birthdays extra special, and the envy of other months. Get the recipe here.

5. May: Coconut Raspberry Cake

The Little Epicurean

After a long winter dreaming of the tropical days of summer, this coconut cake with fresh raspberries is the ticket to brightening up any May birthday. Going crazy for coconut, this layer cake goes all out with unsweetened coconut flakes, coconut oil, and coconut milk. If that wasn't enough, each cake layer is soaked in a coconut vodka simple syrup - summer is almost here and it's your birthday, after all, live a little.

Sandwiched between each layer is raspberry jam and coconut cream cheese frosting - yes, there is still more coconut madness happening. Topped with fresh raspberries and pistachios, a taste of this tropical cake will put a smile on any birthday face. Oh, and uh, sorry if you don't like coconut. Maybe you can trade cakes with the veggie haters of March. Get the recipe here.

6. June: S'mores Cake

The Gunny Sack

Alright, all you outgoing June birthday babies, we decided to take a cue from you and go all out with your birthday cake. The S'mores birthday cake was made just for you. Layers of chocolate cake are smeared in a graham cracker buttercream while the icing on the cake is a decadent chocolate ganache that has toasted meringue, chocolate chunks, and graham cracker pieces for garnish.

Tasting like all those summer nights of roasting s'mores over a campfire, this showstopping cake is the one just for you. And let's face it, it's a little bit for us too. Get the recipe here.

7. July: Blueberry Lemon Cake

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

It's blueberry season and what better way to say happy birthday than with a delicious Blueberry Lemon Cake. The tangy buttermilk and lemon infused cake is layered with a homemade whipped lemon cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh blueberries and lemon.

The inside has bursts of fresh blueberries too! With all things blueberry on the mind, this refreshingly light, fluffy, and lemony cake was made for July. And even if you don't know any July birthday babies, you can use America's birthday as an excuse to make this elegant summer time cake. Get the recipe here.

8. August: Ice Cream Cake


It's hot outside. Real hot. And, it's still summer! Swimming pools, barbecues, camping, and road trips fill your birthday month with so much excitement that you need to end the season with a bang. Which for all the August babies, that means a huge birthday bash! We're talking streamers, balloons, piñatas, and an unforgettable cookout with a party cake to boot.

But what cake? For the August birthday, not just any cake will do. You need something elaborate, festive, tasty, and sweet that celebrates the greatness of you. Not to mention, a cake that celebrates the hotness of you and your birthday month. In this case, you need a Birthday Party Ice Cream Cake.

Layered with chocolate cookie crumbs, ice cream sandwiches, Oreos and four different flavors of ice cream -  cotton candy, Neapolitan, birthday cake and bubblegum - and lathered in a colorful whipped cream frosting, the Birthday Party Ice Cream Cake is the cake made for this summer month birthday. Get the recipe here.

9. September: Apple Crumb Coffee Cake


The warm days of summer are turning into a brisk autumn air, and what better way to celebrate the September autumn birthdays than with an Apple Crumb Coffee Cake! No cake is better suited for this month. The buttery coffee infused cake has chunks of fresh apple, a cinnamon and brown sugar crumb topping, and a thin layer of apple cider icing to top it off.

With fresh apples in season and warm cups of coffee biting off the chill, this cake serves the well-being nature of September babies. Get the recipe here.

10. October: Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake

Cookies and Cups

Alright October babies, have it your way. Halloween is around the corner and for one month it seems perfectly acceptable to gorge on chocolate until you find yourself in a sugar coma. But, it is your birthday after all, so that's why you get this, the Insane Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake. If you go for the most chocolatey brownies and fudge flavors you'll love this.

A moist chocolate cake is layered with a creamy peanut butter frosting, then slathered in a rich chocolate frosting that would be the envy of any chocoholic. This cake doesn't stop there though, oh no, it's topped with chocolate chips and full-sized peanut butter cups! You're welcome. Happy birthday. Get the recipe here.

11. November: Pumpkin Cheesecake

Cincy Shopper

With all things pumpkin spice hitting the shelf, no cake is more fitting for November birthdays than this Pumpkin Cheesecake. No baking required - there will be enough of that come Thanksgiving - pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice infuse this cream cheesecake dusted with a graham cracker crust.

Garnished with whipped cream, and a drizzle of caramel if you like, this birthday cake does November right. Get the recipe here.

12. December: Gingerbread Layer Cake with Salted Whiskey Caramel

Top with Cinnamon

First, I'd like to apologize to all December babies. While all the other kids got spoiled on their birthday and Christmas, you got put on the back burner with presents being a combination of birthday and Christmas gifts. And everyone was always so preoccupied with the season that your birthday has probably been forgotten once or twice. Which means that your birthday cake is the fruit cake. I know, it's mean, but it's the only cake they had on hand to celebrate with last minute - at least you won't get scurvy.

Okay, okay. So we felt bad about all those childhood birthdays filled with fruit cake, and intentionally made you a real birthday cake this year, Gingerbread Layer Cake with Salted Whiskey Caramel.

A spiced gingerbread cake topped with a boozy whiskey caramel sauce and whiskey buttercream made completely from scratch is just what you deserve. Don't say we never gave you anything for your birthday. Get the recipe here.

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This post was originally published on August 22nd, 2018.