Watching Big Red as It Boils Down Might Haunt You Forever

We know that soda isn't great for us, but when it comes to Big Red, we just can't help but indulge. Our simple rule is, Everything in moderation, even moderation. Still, watching as Big Red boils down over a hot stove might turn you off from your favorite soda forever, even if you have a cast iron stomach.

It's worth noting that not just Big Red boils down to something less than appetizing, and that most sodas will follow suit in this weird, bubbly way. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's watch it happen.

Can you believe that's what happens to Big Red?! The sticky goo at the end is a combination of the preservation additives, the coloring, and the sweeteners that have been modified from their natural state. If that's how it looks in the pot, how does it look in our stomachs after?

We're all for scratching that soda itch when you're craving it, but maybe that usual Big Red at 3:00 PM for your afternoon pick-me-up could become something less, sticky. Or sweet. Or both. Don't get me wrong, we love Big Red here at Wide Open Eats, so much so that one of our most popular recipes is Big Red ice cream. Seriously!

If you're feeling unsure about indulging in Big Red, try the soda trick my dad always uses. Cut each glass of soda in half with water. Instead of pouring a full glass, only pour a half glass and add water. Stir and sip! The same flavor will be there without the overwhelming sweetness, and you'll make the bottle or can last a little bit longer, too.

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