6 Big Batch Cocktails for Game Day Parties

Nothing brings a crowd together like football. Throw in a punch bowl and you've got yourself a party. Instead of filling your recycling bin with empty bottles, mix up a big batch of boozed up punch you can sip on all day.

1. Fireball Sangria

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Get the party started by giving your sangria a fiery kick. Granny Smith apples, red wine and blood orange juice round out the flavors. You just might never go back to sipping summer sangria again.

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2. Gridiron Punch


The malty flavors of amber ale are accented by sweet pineapple juice in this cocktail. Created at San Fran's Cantina restaurant, it's got just three ingredients, so it's an easy one to mix up when time is of the essence.

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3. Jonestown Punch


Apricot brandy gives this punch a full fall flavor while Jim Beam provides the kick.

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4. Spiced Pear and Ginger Group Cocktail

spiced pear

Ginger and pear practically scream fall. Brightened up with a bit of bubbly thanks to sparkling wine, this is the kind of cocktail you can sip all day and still be standing for the afternoon game's kickoff.

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5. Bourbon and apple cider

The only thing you have more of than apples in fall is apple cider. Batch up tasty tippler by mixing bourbon and cider for a drink you can serve two ways: on ice or slightly warmed up in case you've been banished to watch the game in the garage.

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6. Good Eats Company Punch

Earthy spiced black tea and freshly grated nutmeg are the base for this rum based punch that can be served warm or cold. Be sure to pick a spiced rum for a real flavor explosion.

Get the recipe here.

Recipe: Apple Pie Moonshine

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