Beyond Meat's Faux-Meat Burger to Debut at BurgerFi

The meat-free burger movement is gaining momentum. This week, Sonic Drive-In announced it would test "blended" burger patties made with ground beef and up to 30 percent mushrooms in its new Slinger burgers, coming to select stores in August. And, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, fast food chain BurgerFi will begin using burgers by Beyond Meat, which makes "faux meat" from plants, in eight of its 101 U.S. locations.

As The New York Times reports, BurgerFi stores in California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida will begin offering the meat-free burger this weekend, and the company is aiming to offer it in all of its stores by year's end.

Beyond Meat, based in California, has devoted itself to creating a burger -- made mostly of pea protein, yeast extract, beet juice and coconut oil -- that looks, tastes, eats and oozes "grease" just like the real thing.

While the company is well on its way, CEO Ethan Brown admits, "Were not there yet, but we're getting closer and closer." BurgerFi, for its part, sees the move as giving its customers more of what they want.

"It's not easy to introduce new products, and it's certainly not easy to introduce new products that don't have strong public awareness," BurgerFi Executive Chef Corey Winograd told the Times. "But there's a movement beginning where people are looking to have a diet that's primarily plant-based, and we try to give people what they want."

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