Who Has Better Cuisine: The French or the Americans?

Who would win the battle of the cuisines: the French or the Americans? This age-old question on the superiority of cuisines exists between cultures everywhere. However, somehow the French seem to constantly come out on top. With their patisserie, their elegant sauces, and their knack of turing even uncooked food into a delightful meal, French cuisine has reigned king for decades.

But it is time for the inventors of haute cuisine to defend their standing. In this video, American expatriate Christina and French expatriate Estelle Tracy get in la soupe with a discussion on the strong points and shortcomings of each cuisine and the cultures that it has helped build.

So draw your baguettes and let the battle of the food cultures begin.

Which cuisine do you find superior? Have you ever cooked a French dish in your kitchen to compare? Well, maybe it's time. To start off, try something simple and familiar. Try boeuf bourguignon.

This classic stew is the perfect way to dip your spoon into French cooking. Loaded with meat, wine, and vegetables, it is guaranteed to be a favorite with everyone who tries it. Plus, this recipe is versatile so you can even add an American twist for venison bourguignon. Get the recipe here.

And how would you feel about trying a "real" hamburger recipe? You know, one that was developed by a Frenchwoman?

Try the recipe here and leave your comments about your experience. (Just make sure to use Google translate to put the page into English!)

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