The Best U.S. Cities to Celebrate Oktoberfest in 2017

October is a fun month. We have Halloween, it's National Pumpkin Month, National Fluffernutter Day on October 8 and most of all, thanks to the Germans, Oktoberfest. Sure it starts in mid-September, but just hear us out. The month-long drink fest originated in the 19th century in Munich and is a time-honored celebration of culture, history and, most of all, beer. You don't have to travel overseas to participate, though.

More than 46 million German-Americans call the U.S. home, so it's only natural that the celebration take place here, also. WalletHub took it upon themselves to rank the most Oktoberfest-focused places in the nation and in doing so, "compared the 100 largest U.S. cities based on 23 indicators of Oktoberfest-friendliness."

Source: WalletHub

From German fare to folk dancing, traditional costumes and, most of all, beer, these parties have it all. Here are the top five cities on the list.

5. Denver, Colorado

Denver has the third most breweries per capita, so this is a no-brainer. Their state Oktoberfest celebration involves keg bowling, a dog derby, drink specials and live music.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly holds countless Oktoberfest celebrations every year. One of the most impressive is housed at the historic McGillin's Old Ale House and includes Oktoberfest brews and seasonal pumpkin beers, along with German food specials like mussels steamed in Oktoberfest lager.

3. Portland, Oregon

Ringing in at number 4 for most Germans per capita, Portland also has a killer Oktoberfest party in Mt. Angel drawing over 350,000 visitors. Hey are #4 for most German residents per capita, #4 for most breweries per capita and  #3 for most accessible bars.

2. New York, New York

Big points to the Big Apple for having the most German residents per capita, though they still rank second on this list. However, NYC does come in first for having the most accessible bars for people. They host a pretty great Oktoberfest party, too.

1. Cincinnati, Ohio

Coming in first, Cincinnati gets major points for their Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, inspired by Munich's. While it isn't quite that big, it is the largest in the U.S.

It involves something called the "running of the weiners," games, folk dancing, and most of all, beer. For the rest of the list, and to find out where your state landed, head on over to WalletHub. 

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