Try to Make It Through These 20 Grilled Cheeses Without Craving One

Making the perfect grilled cheese is like coming of age in the kitchen. When you finally learn how to get beautiful, crisp crust with melty cheese on the inside, slicing open your sandwich into triangles is the most satisfying thing in the world. It's not hard to make one of the best grilled cheeses out there, whether you prefer a classic white bread with American cheese style or a decadent sourdough sandwich with three different types of cheese.

Of course, mayonnaise is the trick to creamy, melty grilled cheeses because it has a higher burn temperature than butter, allowing your bread to turn golden in the pan without burning before the cheese is ready. Now that we've covered that mini lesson on how to make the best grilled cheese you can, let's look at some contenders. Double dog dare you to get through these photos without craving a cheesy, buttery grilled cheese, too.

1. Beer cheese, pretzel bun. Can't lose.

Beer cheese on a pretzel bun from grilledcheese

2. The overflow is a good sign.

The end product from grilledcheese

3. That crispy cheese sheet.

Sweet Cheesus. from grilledcheese

4. Spatula perfection.

I think I got what you call the perfect flip from grilledcheese

5. The pan shot.

I just flipped my GC and already have a feeling that this is going to be one of my best ones yet from grilledcheese

6. Is it getting hot in here?

The Grilled cheese factory in Paris stepped it up. from grilledcheese

7. The waffle grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese Waffle ??'? from grilledcheese

8. Feels like childhood in a photo.

Simple and comforting from grilledcheese

9. Can I come over for dinner?

A well earned treat. from grilledcheese

10. Stacks on stacks on stacks.

(homemade) Wisconsin cheddar and gruyere on rosemary sourdough. from grilledcheese

11. You had me at, Parmesan Crust.

Cheddar and Sourdough with a Parmesan Crust from grilledcheese

12. Even the bread is homemade.

Homemade bread and Colby-Jack. from grilledcheese

13. A true grilled cheese.

Grilled Grilled Cheese. from grilledcheese

14. Is there an extra one for me?

Grilled Grilled Cheese. from grilledcheese

15. Cheese pulls for days. And days.

cheddar on white bread; perfectly golden from grilledcheese

16. Doesn't have to be fancy to be delicious.

This sandwich cured my depression from grilledcheese

17. Cream. Cheese.

Cheddar & cream cheese on thick white from grilledcheese

18. Macaroni and Cheese. Grilled Cheese.

whatchu know bout dat mac n grilled cheese from grilledcheese

19. The sunlight hitting the crust is peak grilled cheese.

White and yellow sharp cheddar on sourdough from grilledcheese

20. A French toast grilled cheese. Welcome to heaven.

My magnum opus of cooking thus far: Cheese between two pieces of french toast, a French Grilled Cheese. from grilledcheese

Bonus: Why there are never photos of our grilled cheeses.

I made a grilled cheese and it was really good but I forgot to take a picture. Instead, here are the crumbs from grilledcheese

Did you make it? Even if you did, how bad do you want a grilled cheese right now? Try one of our favorite recipes the next time you whip one up for yourself.

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