Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Easy Gifts for the Francophile Cook in Your Life

Do you have that friend who just loves all things French? You know, the one who uses the correct pronunciations of everything in the kitchen, who swears that they can eat anything as long as they eat "French portions", and who is certain that they were français(e) in another life?

Well, don't just tease them this year when they whip up some macarons instead of traditional Christmas cookies. Instead, indulge them in their passion for French cooking by gifting them one of these uniquely French items for their kitchen.

1. French Style Kitchen Towels

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Simple and stylish, these towels are more than a nice kitchen decoration. They are made from highly absorbent cotton which makes them great for cleaning up messes as well as wrapping up day-old bread to preserve freshness.

Find the gift here.

2. French Kitchen Design Book

My bread box didn't have a lid so I put some fake bread and some wheat it it for a harvest vignette in my kitchen! #ourloveforautumn

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Why not let their imagination run wild and give them a French kitchen design inspiration book?

Chock full of ideas, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Find the gift here.

3. French Bread Knife

We all know that the French love bread. So it stands to reason that they would have excellent knives for slicing it. In fact, they do.

Opinel, an 1890 company based in Savoie, makes some of the best out there. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold, and the slightly-curved, serrated blade can slice effortlessly through even the crustiest bread.

Find the gift here.

4. French Casseroles

Nothing says French cooking like beef bourguignon, but making it is an exercise of patience and precision. Unless you have a high-end casserole that is. These French pots are designed specifically to cook your meat to a slow perfection It's like a Crockpot before the Crockpot.

Try one from any of these three classic designers: Staub, Le Creuset, or De Buyer.

5. The Chinois

Give the secret of smooth, French sauces. Gift a chinois. These conical sieves are perfect for straining sauces to silky smoothness, and their shape makes sure that ever last drops ends up where it belongs.

Find the gift here.

6. French Market Basket

Shopping isn't complete unless its done in a woven basket. Help you Francophile friends pretend that they are shopping at an open air market in springtime-scented Paris instead of their local supermarket. Make sure they have the perfect woven market basket.

Find the gift here.

7. Fleur de Sel

French cooking just wouldn't be the same without fleur de sel. A true French cook knows just the right amount to sprinkle into a vinaigrette or into pasta water to bring out and meld all the rich flavors.

Find the gift here.

8. Beeswax Baguette Wrap

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A baguette should keep fresh for two days. Extend its life even longer with these eco-friendly baguette wraps that are coated in beeswax and specifically designed for that purpose.

9. Madeline Mold


Macarons aren't the only delicious French cookie. Madelines are great too! Gift them a high quality mold for these traditional cookies along with a great recipe and they are sure to be delighted.

10. Le Parfait Jars

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So French in appearance and so useful too! The recipient of these jars is going to be thrilled with their versatility. Make pickles and jams look homemade or stylishly store the basics in your pantry. Whatever you choose to do, its going to look terribly authentic.

Find the gift here.

11. French Kitchen Soap

Once you're done in the kitchen you're going to have to clean up. Make this undesirable job slightly more pleasant by infusing it with the scents of French lavender or fig. Cooks are going to love to get their hands dirty if it means washing them off in some savon.

Find the gift here.

12. Chocolate

Some people prefer Swiss chocolate. Others German. However, no one can argue that with the history of their culinary prowess, the French can make some damn good chocolate too.

Specifically, try bar-to-bean chocolateFrançois Pralus is one of the most celebrated of French bean-to-bar chocolatiers and Francophile of not, your tastebuds are sure to be delighted.

Find the gift here.

13. French Bread Baking Class

Help the Francophiles in your life learn to properly make a French staple: the baguette. Send them to an online cooking class from Craftsy.

One of the best online cooking classes available, and the proof is in the baguettes (so to speak). Check out the reviews and book a class here.

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