Where to Find the Best Fried Chicken in Each State

Fried chicken is an American classic, so it's no surprise that each state has its fair share of delectable fried chicken restaurants to choose from. The real trick, however, is finding the best fried chicken in each state. So we did just that for you, so you no matter where you go in the country, you will always know where to find the best of the best.

From chicken and waffles, to chicken wings smothered in your choice of sauce, to buckets of the classic, crispy fried chicken we have all come to love, I hope you're as hungry as I am, because we are about to dive into the best fried chicken restaurants in each of the fifty states.

Alabama: Mrs. B's Home Cooking in Montgomery

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This quaint restaurant is located in a bright yellow house and serves up the best fried chicken in Alabama. The walls are adorned with family photographs and fried chicken so crispy, you'll feel like you're at your own grandma's house.

Alaska: The Rookery Café in Juneau

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This locally loved café serves up their buttermilk battered fried chicken with a bourbon honey glaze and charred lemon. It's a new twist on the classic you shouldn't dare miss.

Arizona: The Original Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles in Phoenix

Larry "Lo-Lo" White is the founder of this fried chicken chain and is honored as a man who knows his soul food.

Every recipe is one of his own, and with that kind of Soul Food reputation, it's no wonder people consider this the best fried chicken in Arizona.

Arkansas: Maddie's Place in Little Rock

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Chef Brian Deloney worked under Chef Emeril Lagasse for almost a decade before venturing off and opening this gem.

Served with creamy mac 'n cheese and rich greens, this crunchy, buttermilk fried chicken is then covered in their signature glaze.

California: Brenda's French Soul Food in San Francisco

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Located in the Tenderloin district of one of my favorite cities, this secret recipe chicken is nothing short of the perfect blend of French Cuisine and Soul Food.

Served with hot pepper jelly and some of the best collard greens north of the South, this place serves nothing short of the best fried chicken in California.

Colorado: Denver Biscuit Company in Denver

In Denver, they know that the only thing that could make fried chicken any better is to put it on a homemade biscuit and cover it with gravy.

I applaud you, Denver Biscuit Company.

Connecticut: Sandra's Next Generation in New Haven

Sandra Pittman opened this Soul Food restaurant with the fond memories of learning to cook from her mother as a child.

This labor of love shines through in the food, crispy and moist, you can't help but fall in love with this fried chicken.

Delaware: Johnnie's Dog House and Chicken Shack in Wilmington

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Johnnie's is the place you come to when you need to get your fix on some devilishly good delights.

Their extra crispy chicken is served to you, hot and fresh, alongside other fried delights like onion rings.

Florida: Caporal Chicken in Miami

Caporal means "chief" in Spanish, is the perfect name for this fried chicken. This hot and fresh chicken commands you to excellence as you indulge your taste buds in this fried perfection.

Did I mention it comes in a cute little box?

Georgia: Marcy Mac's Tea Room in Atlanta

This Southern style restaurant boasts some of the best fried chicken and best service in the state of Georgia.

Be sure to try their house hot sauce; there's a jar of it on every table.

Hawaii: Rainbow Drive-In in Honolulu

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This boneless fried chicken breast is served up Hawaiian-style, slathered in brown gravy. Served with fluffy rice and creamy potato salad to sop up all that gravy goodness.

Stop by and say Aloha to the best fried chicken in Hawaii.

Idaho: Fork in Boise

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Only offered on Tuesdays, this fried chicken is served atop a crispy, cheddar-cheesy waffle. The plate is sprinkled with more cheese to garnish.

Fork understands that the only thing better than cheese, is more cheese.

Illinois: The Roost Carolina Kitchen in Chicago

The Roost Carolina Kitchen aims to bring a taste of the South to Chicago.

You can sink your teeth into a fried chicken biscuit or devour it piece by piece. With varying degrees of spiciness, come see which degree of spiciness your taste buds can handle.

Indiana: The Eagle in Indianapolis

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Brined in a secret recipe, deep fried to golden goodness, and served with their homemade hot honey sauce, this chicken place will have you going back for seconds, and thirds.

Iowa: Augusta Restaurant in Iowa City

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When Jeri and Ben Halperin were displaced from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, they found themselves in Iowa City and decided to share their culture with their new neighbors.

This Cajun-inspired restaurant prides itself on making everything from scratch, even the mayonnaise. It is no surprise that their fried chicken has people driving from all over Iowa to get a taste.

Kansas: Krispy's Fried Chicken and Seafood in Wichita

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Have your chicken crispy fried and served up on a sweet waffle. Fried chicken is also served by the two-piece or bucket of finger-licking deliciousness.

Any way you have it, this locally-love restaurant will become one of your favorite places to get your deep fried fix.

Kentucky: Merle's Whiskey Kitchen in Louisville

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Their award-winning fried chicken is served piping hot, alongside their spiked hot honey sauce for dipping.

Booze and fried chicken mixed together, what a wonderful way to sustain yourself.

Louisiana: Willie Mae's Scotch House in New Orleans

This country kitchen combines the Creole flavors of Louisiana with the Southern flavors of Mississippi.

Priding themselves on having some of the best fried chicken in the United States, with that winning combination of cultures, there's no wonder their fried chicken is the best in Louisiana.

Maine: Eventide Oyster Company in Portland

This oyster bar serves up the best fried chicken sandwich around. By adding an Asian flair, your taste buds will be tingling after trying this sandwich with maple Chinese mustard.

Maryland: Miss Shirley's Café in Baltimore

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Miss Shirley puts her own spin on this beloved dish. Her Cajun-dusted fried chicken and cheddar green onion waffle is showered in a honey mustard aioli and topped with spicy pepper butter.

Decadent and rich, be sure to bring your appetite.

Massachusetts: jm Curley in Boston

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Come for the fried chicken served with a selection of house-made sauces for dipping, but stay for the pub-like vibe and excellent adult beverages.

This pub is a great place to get your grub on while enjoying a few brews.

Michigan: Green Dot Stables in Detroit

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The lovely dive bar has elevated the sider, with several varieties, here the chicken slider reigns king. Panko-crisped and drizzled with sage maple syrup, this is the perfect place for a pint and a few pint-sized sliders on the side.

Minnesota: Magnolias Restaurant in St. Paul

Freshly fried and seasoned with their famous, very secretive recipe. Their fried chicken is so favorable that they have given diners the option to eat in or takeout their famous fried chicken.

This neighborhood restaurant prides itself on being a local favorite and with one bite of this chicken you'll understand what all the fuss is about.

Mississippi: Two Sister's Kitchen in Jackson

Scratch made biscuits and Southern specialties make this country cookery a must-stop if you're ever in Mississippi.

Their fried chicken is the stuff of dreams, if your dreams are like mine, chicken-fried.

Missouri: Southern in Saint Louis


Southern is the brainchild of Chef Rick Lewis and Chef Mike Emerson who created this Nashville hot chicken place in Saint Louis.

Whether you want it hot or mild, this chicken fried delight will come to you on brown paper surrounded in Southern sides.

Montana: Backslope Brewing in Columbia Falls

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Crispy wings covered in their house made Jamaican jerk sauce or spicy wing sauce. These little chicken morsels come with blue cheese and celery-carrot slaw.

Be sure to try their hand-crafted, refreshing brews to tame the heat of those delicious wings.

Nebraska: Block 16 in Omaha

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Paul and Jessica are the food lovers behind this restaurant. Their love for their food, and especially their fried chicken, makes this place a must-stop when in Omaha.

Try their buttermilk marinated crispy fried chicken, "Nashville Hot" or regular, either way this fried chicken comes to you up hot, crisp, and delicious.

Nevada: Yardbird Southern Table and Bar in Las Vegas

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Stop in before you lose all your money at the casinos, because this fried chicken alone is worth a trip to Vegas.

Served with a side of chilled watermelon salad, their crispy fried chicken and sharp cheddar waffle are slathered in bourbon maple syrup and honey hot sauce.

New Hampshire: Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery

Moist chicken breasts are fried up, slathered in rich, brown gravy, and served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

This delish dish also comes with a biscuit to sop up all of that gravy goodness.

New Jersey: Kelsey's in Atlantic City

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With three different restaurants all focused on the flavors of the South, Kelsey's comes from a long line of down home deliciousness.

They are known by locals for their fried chicken and live music. This is must stop to hear some live music and chow down on the best fried chicken in New Jersey.

New Mexico: Frank's Famous Chicken and Waffles in Albuquerque

This is a locally loved favorite, winning Best Soul Food in Albuquerque, this joint prides itself on down home food, and their famous chicken and waffles.

Fluffy waffles, hot maple syrup, and taste bud tantalizing fried chicken, no on wonder this place has stolen the hearts, and mouths, of New Mexicans.

New York: Pies-N-Thighs in Brooklyn

This delicious outpost has two locations to serve their mouth-watering homemade pies and their stick-to-your-ribs decadent fried chicken.

There is no excuse, if you are in the Brooklyn area you must wrap your mouth around this crispy fried chicken.

North Carolina: The King's Kitchen and Bakery in Charlotte

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Crispy fried with a charitable heart, The King's Kitchen is a great play to feel your tummy and warm your heart.

Aunt Beaut's own secret recipe and the fact that they use their proceeds to feed the hungry, makes this fried chicken a true beauty.

North Dakota: Sazeric Alley in Fargo

Their spin on the classic chicken and waffles includes red and green peppers slathered with a sinfully delicious cream-based sauce.

Crunchy chicken meets fluffy waffles in this salivating tale of the best fried chicken in North Dakota.

Ohio: The Eagle OTR in Cincinnati

Belly filling, heart warming, soul healing supper time.

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Boasting fried chicken that will heal your soul, this chicken is Amish-inspired.

Brined and breaded in a recipe shrouded in secrecy, this chicken has a mild kick that will have you asking for seconds.

Oklahoma: Bobo's Chicken in Oklahoma City

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This food truck is cranking out the crispiest fried chicken in Oklahoma. They smoke their chicken before they fry it leaving a tasty combination of flavor on your tongue.

The fried biscuits are every local's favorite, so make sure you get enough for everyone to have at least two.

Oregon: Tasty N Sons in Portland

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They serve their chicken fried chicken topped with an egg and smothered in venison gravy.

This brunch item is sure to quell your craving and keep you full for the rest of the day.

Pennsylvania: Andy's Chicken in Philadelphia

With several flavored sauces to choose from, half the fun is trying them all.

From sauces like sweet chili to golden soy, it is this chicken's Asian influence that elevates it to excellence.

Rhode Island: Winner Winner in Newport

Winner Winner's fried chicken sandwich is the best way to have your chicken dinner.

With sweet pickles and their signature Winner sauce, if it's not dripping down your sleeve, it just wasn't worth it.

South Carolina: Jestine's Kitchen in Charleston

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Jestine's keeps their fried chicken recipe classic with fried chicken that is served up hot, crisp, and with your choice of sides. Let the comfort of the South take over your mouth.

South Dakota: Bob's Carryout and Delivery in Sioux Falls

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Fried chicken delivered straight to your door. That's reason enough for me to love this place.

Juicy chicken that will leave you licking your fingers and asking for seconds, Bob's fried chicken is nothing short of the best in South Dakota.

Tennessee: Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken in Mason

20 lovely pieces - Don't say things like this much, but I think this is the best fried chicken I've eaten

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Gus's fried chicken has truly become famous, with locations popping up all over the States.

The original location is in Mason and it will always be the best one, serving up fried chicken perfection that has become beloved across our nation.

Texas: Bubba's Cooks Country in Dallas

An old-fashioned diner and a drive-thru, Bubba's will get you good and full, fast.

With food that is always fresh and fried chicken that has made this place famous across the Lone Star State, Bubba's specializes in nostalgic Southern flavors.

Utah: Curry Fried Chicken in Salt Lake City

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Combining two of my favorite things, curry and fried chicken, this place has manifested my deepest desires.

Flavor-rich curry infused fried chicken served with lentils and naan, this spicy twist on the American classic is why I love living in this melting pot of a country.

Vermont: Sneakers Bistro in Winooski

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At Sneakers Bistro they know how to treat fried chicken and waffles. They keep it classic with a Belgian waffle and top that with chicken fried extra crispy swimming succulent sausage gravy.

There's no wonder this dish has become famous across the state of Vermont.

Virginia: Blue and White Carry Out in Alexandria

This hole-in-the-wall is cooking up some of the best fried chicken in Virginia. Soul Food is what they do, and they do it very well.

Cover their fried chicken in hot sauce and let it melt in your mouth, then dig into rich mashed potatoes smothered in brown gravy, and let all your hungers drift away.

Cash and carry out only, but this place is worth a trip to the ATM.

Washington: Skillet in Seattle

Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, this Southern inspired restaurant sources all of its ingredients locally.

Their crispy fried chicken is served drizzled in a house made black pepper honey glaze and served over a cornmeal waffle.

West Virginia: Bluegrass Kitchen in Charleston

Their pickle-brined fried chicken is the perfect mouthwatering meal for all you pickle lovers out there.

Served with braised kale and cauliflower whipped like mashed potatoes, you'll be wondering, why haven't we always been whipping cauliflower?

Wisconsin: Tomken's Friendly Fried Chicken in Milwaukee

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This chicken is more than friendly, it's delicious. With wings drenched in a variety of sauces to buckets of fried chicken, you'll get your fill on crisp chicken any way you like it.

Wyoming: Café Genevieve in Jackson Hole

At Café Genevieve you are served a thigh, a leg, and a breast fried up to golden deliciousness with a side of some of the creamiest mac 'n cheese in the States.

Bring your appetite, because no one leaves hungry.

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