10 of the Best Desserts Across America

When it comes to desserts, everyone seems to be trying to make their mark in their own special way these days for the distinction of best desserts. From frozen hot chocolate to cereal milk ice cream, the list is endless. Whether you realize it or not, the wonderful world of pastry chef innovation has slightly hit a default. With so many things being done in so many different places, it's becoming more and more difficult to be the new kid on the block with all of the crazily concocted ideas.

For these chefs and dessert aficionados, there's nothing better than putting your twist on a classic, or even completely turning it on its head. Whether you're a die-hard dessert fan or are just perplexed with all the interesting and creative ways to spin even the most basic of recipes, you're sure to be completely and totally mind-boggled by these 10 desserts blowing minds across the country.

 1. Bailey's Chocolate Bar

St. Louis, Missouri

We'd love to give you one specific item to go in on and in deep here, but let's be honest: You can't go wrong with any of the desserts on their thoughtfully crafted menu.

From their Brownie Bombe (with Kahlua in it . . . how could you resist?) to their Flourless Chocolate Nut Tart for those with gluten intolerance, there's something for everyone, here.

2. Boston Cream Pie at Flour Bakery and Cake

Boston, Massachusetts

A little snow cannot stop our team! We are open and celebrating #piday! Come enjoy a slice of pi for $3.14. #openinbos

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Not only do they have the best Boston Cream Pie in the city, it's arguable to say that they have the best in the entire country.

Restaurant-goers from local to far and wide have made a stop at this bakery likely for things other than desserts (they have a full food menu, too!), but there's no leaving without your fixin' of Boston Cream Pie.

3. Fried Apple Hand Pie at The Varsity

Atlanta, Georgia

Anything is pie-sible with one of these. 🙌🍑🍎 #TheVarsity #WhatllYaHave #Dessert #Pie

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If you ever had those apple pies from McDonalds and loved that they were handheld, it's time to step your dessert game up and get on over to Atlanta ASAP.

At The Varsity, they're serving up not only fried apple hand pies, but peach ones, too! Always fresh and always homemade, you'll surely leave with a grin on your face.

4. Ice Cream at Lula's Sweet Apothecary

New York City, New York

What's so special about this place, you may ask? In a sea of vegan fair in NYC, Lula's stands out because of their multitude of options in and outside of the vegan world.

You can get some gluten-free, vegan, or full of dairy ice creamy goodness served with totally organic syrups and sauces.

5. CottonHi Soft Serve

Los Angeles, California

This place is revolutionizing the game when it comes to soft serve. How? By putting mounds of 100 percent organic cotton candy on top!

Whether you're getting a soft serve beverage or a cone of this sweet stuff, you can expect to leave with a mile-high serving of cotton candy on each item.

6. S'mores Melt at Ms. Cheezius

Miami, Florida

Don't be fooled by their abilities simply because this is a food truck. Ms. Cheezius has been serving up different takes on the grilled cheese for years, and has even taken it to the dessert playing field.

This S'mores Melt is everything you wished you had made around the campfire in your younger days.

7. Sugar Pie at Mindy's Hot Chocolate

Chicago, Illinois

I/2 chai, mexican, and dark chocolate. 100% delicious!! #mindyshotchocolate #bucktown

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The pastry mastermind behind this joint is pastry chef Mindy Segal, who has created a dessert bar serving the city sweet treats that you can't get anywhere else.

Take the sugar pie, for instance; like a pecan pie sans the pecans, served with scoop or two of maple ice cream in a pool of coffee-toffee butterscotch. What sounds more delectable than that?

8. Bacon Maple Bar at Voodoo Donuts

Portland, Oregon

First stop on a visit to Portland #voodoodoughnuts #baconmaplebar #spinningdonuts

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Though they have franchised out to places such as Austin, Texas, the original Voodoo Donuts is set in Portland, and is where you must go if you're looking for a vivacious twist on your run-of-the-mill donut.

This bacon maple bar is exactly what you'd expect: a donut covered in maple glaze with strips of bacon on the top. Sound weird? Hey, it is Portland, after all!

9. Cinna-Bomb at Gourdoughs

Austin, Texas

Ever crave a doughnut bigger than your face? Have you ever wanted to have a burger served in between two massive doughnuts? If not, you've never been to Gourdough's, and if so, this is the place to be.

Though you can't go wrong with any dessert selection here, our current favorite is the Cinna-Bomb, which is like a massive doughnut version of a cinnamon roll, but 20 times better. Trust us -- or get to Austin and try it yourself!

10. Surly Cake at Salty Tart Bakery

Minneapolis, Minnesota

@foodnetwork #top5restaurants #surlycake #saltytart #asseenontv

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If you've ever had the inkling for chocolate with your beer or vice versa, this is the cake for you.

Tastefully blending these two can be difficult, but the culinary wonderment that is Salty Tart Bakery has got this down to a science; a tasty one. Covered in salt-infused dark chocolate, there's no turning back. 

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