The 12 Best Beers for Your Sunday Football Tailgates

When it comes to a football tailgate, there are rules that must be followed, traditions to oblige, and pre-game rituals to perform. At the forefront of it all are two things: food and booze. One might think it'd be hard to disappoint at a tailgate. If you show up with something, let it be beer. If not beer, hot dogs will suffice, right?

Wrong. So very, very wrong. What is a tailgate if there is no beer to accompany your hot dog? Is a pre-game match of cornhole the same without an ice cold brewski in hand? Of course not! Because we in the football community care about each other, it's generally best to leave the hard stuff at home.

Read on, tailgaters of the world, we've got the 12 best beers for your tailgate.

1. Double Brown Stout, Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Did you say 50 degree weather? Time to break out the stouts. #deepellumbrewery #doublebrownstout

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Why tailgate with a stout, you may ask?

As the season progresses, the temperatures will drop, but you're smart, and you've got a 6-pack of these bad boys to warm up your body and soul while your friends all freeze. Fools.

2. Sweetwater 420 IPA

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When it comes to those pesky fall games where the weathe could be crisp or scorchingly hot, you need options. You need a beer that's going to quench your thirst and ail your heated body.

You need an IPA for a champion, and that's what Sweetwater's 420 IPA will make you.

3. Abita Restoration Pale Ale

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When it comes to great beer to prepare for your team's epic rise to victory, you can't go wrong with Abita.

Their Restoration Pale Ale is perfect for a tailgate focused on the finer things in life, like burgers. All of the burgers.

4. Founders Breakfast Stout

Interesting to have such a dark and creamy beer on a tailgate list, or is it?

For those early games where the party starts before the sun comes up, pop open one of these bad boys for, as a friend describes, "Your morning bread."

5. Shiner Bock

This is not a time for tomfoolery. Shiner is a beer to be approached with immense respect.

Luckily for all of you folks, this sweet nectar of the beer heavens is available in cans countrywide. Side note: As a Texan, I'd just like to say that you are all so welcome.

6. Tank 7

Show up late and want to catch up with your crew? Pop open one of these super tall-boys and let the 8.5 percent alcohol content take you from tardy to the leader of the pack.

7. Stiegl's Radler

If you've never experienced the joy that comes from your first sip of a Radler, thank the Lord it's football season. You have the tailgate time to refreshingly drink your angst and anticipation away on something a little lighter tasting, and easier on the tummy in the bloat department.

Can't find any cans of Radlers at the store? Feel free to make your own! It's almost too easy. Check out The Growler Guys recipe here.

8. Sam Adams Oktoberfest

Your team is about to kick off, so what better of a beer to drink than one dedicated to this time of year?

Plus, it tastes a heck of a lot better than the Natty Lites you slammed back in college.

9. Lone Star

Ice, ice, bottle #LoneStarBeer Photo by: @tomanimagery

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Before you correct question my judgement in counting Lone Star as staple of tailgate beers, hear me out: Lone Stars are relatively cheap, but don't taste terrible.

They're easy to throw back for a quick shotgun or three, and you'll look a whole lot cooler with a Lone Star in hand than a silly Bud Light.

10. Yuengling Traditional Lager

One thing #Pittsburgh and #Philly fans can agree on, their #GameDayLager. #philadelphia #football #beerhere #gameday #yuengling #lagerlove

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For those of us who aren't as lucky as these folks and can't enjoy an ice-cold Yuengling inside stadium gates, it's essential to have at least a 12-pack of these in your cooler of treasures at any tailgate.

Coming out of the great state of Pennsylvania, this is a true staple in the northeast when it comes to football season, and it's slowly making it's mark across the country.

11. LandShark Lager

The perfect escape from either your blissfully chilled tailgate weather, or the scorchingly hot day your fellow fans are enduring for the sake of the tailgate.

With many accolades, LandShark should be a staple in every football lover's arsenal.

12. Blue Moon

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Blue Moon is great for any occasion, so why aren't you drinking it whilst tailgating and cornholing?

The lightness of this beer matches the citrus undertones. Go on, add the orange slice. You know you want to.

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