Will Ben and Jerry's Bourbon Ice Cream Flavor Hit Shelves Soon?

You know us by now. We aren't complicated people and, just like our readers, we tend to appreciate the simple things in life. We love our elk burgers cooked medium rare, for instance. We also enjoy an ice cold beer. And mark our words, do we ever love bourbon.

Like bacon, we tend to like things (any of the things) that are bourbon-flavored in addition to the actual spirit itself. Thus, when we heard that Ben and Jerry's Urban Bourbon ice cream was potentially being released, we simply had to do some research. Oh, if you haven't had the New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's collaboration beer, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, you'll want to grab a sixer as soon as possible.

Before you head to the nearest convenience store to buy a pint, it's important to note that the internet can't figure out whether this flavor is real or just a hoax. We searched high and low on Ben and Jerry's Facebook and Twitter feeds, but found no information confirmed from the source.

Food and Wine says that "it's pretty improbable that Ben & Jerry's spirit-flavored pints will contain any booze," but we can't seem to figure out if the pints themselves will ever exist.

The Urban Bourbon fervor, it appears, can all be traced back to one Instagram post.

An Instagram account called @candyhunting described this new flavor on January 4, 2017. "You heard it here first! New Urban Bourbon Ben & Jerry's will hit the freezer aisle in a few months! The flavor features burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes, and bourbon caramel swirls."

Not being ones to take everything we see on the internet as truth (we only believe 95 percent of the things we read), we decided to do some more research. An article on Thrillist says that "the company has applied for trademarks for the name 'Urban Bourbon'" and they're considering this "a damn good sign that this is going to be a reality."

Making Monday a little sweeter.

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You can also head to Walmart's website, search for Urban Bourbon, and land here. Is it just us, or is something missing?

There's no image, and a message on the page says "This item is no longer available." Is it no longer available, or has it simply not been made available yet?


Our bet is that we'll be seeing this flavor on shelves fairly soon. Between the trademark, the Walmart landing page, and our unwavering faith in deliciousness, the evidence all points to Urban Bourbon being real and not just a hoax. The Vermont ice cream staple has once again left us wanting more.

For now, though, you can find us sitting behind our laptops, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale in hand, dreaming up our own ice cream flavors that would shake up the ice cream business.

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