Beercycling: This Danish Brewery Uses 50,000 Liters of Urine to Brew a Beer

Some breweries make a name for themselves doing things slightly out of the ordinary. Rogue brewed a beer with the yeast cultivated from a beard and Brew Dog put the world's highest ABV beer in a taxidermy squirrel. Neither of these, however, compare to the latest venture from Danish brewery Norrebro Bryghus. Thanks to the largest music festival in Northern Europe Roskilde, Norrebro Bryghus has 50,000 liters of urine that's going to be turned into beer.

For those of you concerned that you're going to be drinking piss water, that's not exactly what they have in mind for the urine. The pilsner style beer appropriately labeled "Pisner" is not using the urine as liquor, but rather as fertilizer for the barley. The barley used is fertilized from the festival urine as opposed to cow manure or other nutrients - so the finally product won't actually contain human waste. Now that doesn't sound too crazy, right?

Big or small, sustainability in brewing has become an increasing concern. Sierra Nevada's newer location in North Carolina is a zero percent waste facility with it's LEED certification. Jester King in Texas has contributed the surrounding 58 acres on the property to on-site farming. Saltwater Brewery in Florida has made edible six pack rings for marine animals.

So this Danish brewery utilizing a massive amount of human waste to brew a beer puts them on the list with one of the most creative techniques.

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The "Pisner" is the ultimate sustainable hipster beer that's already being coined as "beercyclying." And it certainly is a novelty beer. While it won't taste like urine, the 50,000 liters was enough to brew 60,000 bottles.

If you're anywhere near Norrebro Bryghus and find yourself beer curious, pick up a bottle and let us know how it tastes. After all, waste not want not.

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