Beer Lovers Please Remain Calm, the Shower Beer Is Real

Ahhh, the shower beer. Beer enthusiasts know it well. It's for those mornings when your evening resembled something along the lines of The Hangover, or as I was introduced to it, invented specifically for that one special time of year when you can do anything you want - your birthday.

For most of us, the shower beer is a fizzy yellow beer that is meant to be downed before you wash off all the suds. It's carefully placed just out of reach from the steaming water rushing down. But not too far, no one really wants to explain to the boss why their arm is in a cast.

Yes, there is nothing quite like a shower beer. That is, until now.

From the lovely Swedish brewers of Pangpang Brewery and creative firm Snask, comes the official Shower Beer. While it should be noted that several beer cans have dubbed the title of shower beer, never before has a beer been released quite like this.

Ranking in at 10 percent ABV, this 6-ounce strong ale was meant to be guzzled down by the beer lover with a more sophisticated pallet - at least as sophisticated as a shower beer can get. And apparently the beer lovers have spoken because The Shower Beer sold out as soon as it was released.


The good news is though, this was not a one time release. Pangpang is brewing up a second batch as we speak, and word around the rumor mill is they're looking to go global - so a possible US release may be in store! Looks like our fizzy yellow shower beer cans may be getting an upgrade.

Christmas gifts on point!! #showerbeers

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Careful though, glass gets slippery when wet. It's best to stock up on a beer shower caddy and prevent future accidents.

And maybe buy a wall mount bottle opener to put over the bathroom trash can while you're at it.

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