Beer for Breakfast: 6 Breakfast Stouts That'll Replace Your Morning Coffee

The one thing you learn working in a brewery is that any time is beer time. Early morning quality control, a pint at 6 am after an overnight brewing shift, and business meetings throw the "five o'clock" drinking rule out the window. Beer is business, and unless you taste the product, business cannot flourish. So the invention of a breakfast beer doesn't seem all that crazy.

But what beer would be deemed worthy enough to accompany the most important meal of the day? That would be the breakfast stout. The breakfast stout is precisely what you would expect a breakfast beer to taste like. Coffee, chocolate, and roasted malts in a dark ale brewed to wake up your pallet. This is one breakfast you won't want to skip.

Here are six reasons to break the mold and crack open a breakfast beer. Don't worry, we're not judging.

6. Tioga Pass Rush Hour Breakfast

Tioga Pass likes to keep it fresh. Picking a new roaster each year, the coffee in this chocolate milk stout is roasted and ground before brewing each batch. This beer must be loved by loyal patrons because it sparked a Rush Hour celebration.

One day a year, Tioga Pass celebrates Rush Day by offering up special coffee beers to their loyal patrons.

5. Latitude 33° Breakfast Stout

If you like your coffee on the strong side, this breakfast stout is where it's at. Coming in at 8.5 percent ABV, this imperial oatmeal stout is brewed with 40 pounds of coffee.

Now that's a morning jolt! Waking up with a creamy, espresso infused cold brew is sure to get you going.

4. Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast

The name says it all. Beer for Breakfast is more than your average coffee infused breakfast stout.

In true Dogfish Head fashion, only eccentric ingredients for an over the top stout were good enough - Guatemalan Antigua cold pressed coffee, Massachusetts Maple, and Rapa Scrapple. Yeah, that's right, scrapple - because bacon is so passe.

3. Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast

Wake up and smell the coffee. The heavy scent of a morning cup fills your nose and hits the pallet, leaving you to wonder if you magically teleported to the coffee shop around the corner.

Beer Geek Breakfast is heavy on the coffee, but it does not mask the bittersweet chocolate that manages to balance out the morning brew. If you like your morning cup strong and dark, then Beer Geek Breakfast will get your morning started off on the right foot.

2. Founder's Breakfast Stout

You can't have a conversation about breakfast stouts without mentioning Founder's Breakfast Stout. The epitome of the breakfast stout, this is the one to try if you have never braved the morning beer front and cracked open a bottle of breakfast.

Smooth, rich, and comparable to a chocolate covered espresso bean, this luscious stout is hard to pass up.

1. Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout

The KBS is certainly not for a weak stomach. The older sibling of the Breakfast Stout, KBS has been sneaking sips from the parent's booze cabinet - Kentucky Bourbon Trail style.

Cave-aged in bourbon barrels, the spiked breakfast stout is aged for the advanced breakfast pallet. A kick of espresso with loads of chocolate impart a strong, bold mouthful in this imperial oatmeal stout.

With a 100 percent score on Beer Advocate, the KBS is worthy of a morning meal.

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