Pitmaster Aaron Franklin Wants to Help You Barbecue Just Like Him

Franklin Barbecue fans near and far will finally be able to cook like their favorite pitmaster. Renowed meat man Aaron Franklin is creating a line of home barbecue pits for the at-home cook and his fans are going wild. An avid welder, the James Beard Award winning 'cue chef has been busy building his own cookware for the Hot Luck Festival - the food and music festival he created, which kicks off on Thursday, May 18th.

The pieces are a sneak peek to the mega-pits he's currently designing. Available next summer, Franklin Barbecue Pits are going to be big enough to fit three briskets on and will house a fully insulated smoke box. According to Franklin, they will be "super-duper basic," so you won't need to be a master chef to use one, you just have to be a big fan of barbecue.

Austin, TX: The land of amazing signage and long lines.

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"What's more fun than standing around a grill with beers?" he once told Bon Appetit magazine. The pits Franklin is creating are a nod to the ones that started his own pitmaster years ago - more smoker and pit than backyard burger grill, but we bet the fun, outdoor cooking vibes are just as good.

He is overseeing the creation of the entire line and enlisted the help of his right-hand men, Caleb and Matt Johnson, who have been on his team for years. All pits will be locally made in the Austin area and will last a lifetime. Want to be one of the first to score a smoker? Sign up to be on the list here.

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Want to know what to cook first once you get it?

Franklin's instinct is to buy some butt. "Pork butt is a super training wheels kind of meat. The bone-in pork butt is the clumsiest thing you can cook." That sounds easy enough, right?

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