These 20 Signs You're in a Bad Restaurant Might Make You Regret Your Decisions

There is nothing worse on the planet than going to a bad restaurant. However, the real problem is that bad restaurants look just like good restaurants from the outside. Well, in most cases. You'll see what we mean later. One Twitter thread decided to tackle the impossible by asking users to let them know what makes a bad restaurant. It turns out that quite a few restaurants might not pass these Twitter standards. You'll either laugh to tears or immediately regret the meal you ate for lunch from that... questionable location.

Ready for this? Here are the best 20 signs of a bad restaurant.

1. The Temperature Conflict

2. Um, what?

3. Well here's your sign.

4. The toilet issue

5. What's up with the fish?

6. What about the produce now!

7. The tip demand

8. You never wanna see that

9. Never going to Denny's again.

10. Is the original chicken vegetarian-friendly?

11. If you can see 'em out...

12. Hard to argue with this one.

13. But really.

14. There's so much truth to this!

15. Could be a slow time, or not.

16. Sushi gets hit hard.

17. If you can see the kitchen, that might be a start.

18. A microwave?!

19. Is this real?

20. If you're on the set of Ratatouille, this could be fine. Or not.

How many restaurants fit these descriptions in your town?

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