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Bacon Soda, Ranch Dressing Soda, Corn Soda: This Gross 6-Pack Has It All


How much do you love bacon? How about ranch dressing? Maybe you have a real love affair with peanut butter &  jelly. The real question is, do you love your favorite food so much that you'd drink it in soda form? Whatever it is, I can almost bet that Lester's Fixin's has a carbonated flavor for it. And you have to see just what kind of soda pop they're serving up online and in stores in the good ol' USA. Where else would you find Bacon Soda, after all?

No matter what holiday, be it a silly Valentine gift or a Christmas stocking stuffer, these soft drinks are the perfect gag gift. Who knows, you might even find yourself using the bacon-flavored soda as one of your drink mixes for a good Bloody Mary. But bacon lovers aren't the only ones who'd be pleased with offerings from Lester's Fixin's, check out this list of one unique flavor after another. In the end, you'll have to decide which you like best.

Lester's Fixin's offers a full sample pack of its six wild soda flavors. You can find it on Amazon, and the best part is that one buy means you can try each flavor and even give a few away to your unlucky friends from the gift pack. Plus, if you check out the Rocket Fizz Store on Amazon, you'll find other, equally ridiculous related products like birthday cake soda, dirt soda, and pickle soda.

Here are the flavors you'll find inside.

  1. Bacon Soda
  2.  Bacon with Chocolate Soda
  3. Ranch Dressing Soda
  4. Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda
  5. Sweet Corn Soda
  6. Buffalo Wing Soda

Now we can't imagine that the soda tastes anything resembling delicious, but word on the street is that the Ranch Dressing Soda is probably the worst in the bunch. Is that really surprising, though?

While you might find a few imposter bacon flavor soda imitations around, Lester's Fixin's is the real bacon-flavored drink that has been featured in so many taste test videos. In fact, here's one.

That really sums up everything you need to know about Lester's Fixins bacon soda and its merry band of pure mad genius flavors. Does it include bacon grease?


First, we found all of the odd and gross toothpaste flavors out there, but the real kicker was our list of ridiculous candy canes. These fruity sodas, if they could even be called that, might top both of those lists. I mean, after all, the only flavor that sounds delicious is Maple Syrup Soda. Bacon novelties are fun to imagine, but less fun to try.

For now, when we need a beverage, we'll stick to a cheap beer made in the United States, like a pale ale. Even that sounds more refreshing.

This post was originally published on September 5, 2019. 

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