This Baby Eating Spaghetti Is All of Us After a Long, Hard Day

The idea that less is more generally applies to most situations, but when those situations include pasta, all bets are off. Whether you can admit it to yourself or not, we're all basically pasta enthusiasts in this world. Don't you miss the days of eating a carefree and carbed-out lifestyle? Do you wish you could eat pasta in your sleep, and wake up to eat more?

How do you feel about gettin' messy with it, hands and all? When a piping hot bowl of pasta is brought to your table with homemade marinara sauce, do you find yourself immediately salivating? You're not alone, and this baby eating --and falling asleep in --his spaghetti is all the living proof you need.

Pasta is sweeter than cinnamon, cooler than a cucumber and every other euphemism you can think of relative to food. If something effects our mind, body and soul so much, why should we carry any shame for indulging in such a delicacy?

Take this baby's pro tip and simply do you. Eat the pasta, and all of it.

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