Why the Avocado Is Now a Kitchen Staple Instead of a Food Trend

It's almost impossible to scroll through Pinterest or Instagram without running into a photo of avocado toast. You know it well: avocado mashed messily (and yet somehow, not messily at all) onto a piece of toast, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper sprinkled liberally on top. Maybe there's an egg, maybe there's a smattering of feta cheese, but either way, the avocado is mostly the star of the show.

A few years ago, someone "discovered" the avocado, which is a term to be used very lightly here since those in the Southwest and West have known and adored avocados for decades upon decades. However, ever since the avocado reached such fame that there's even a tool devoted to slicing it, critics of food trends have been waiting for the ball to drop on avocados.

However, I think avocados are here to stay and here's why.

Avocado is the blank, healthy canvas we need.

Gone are the days of cutting out items of diets because they don't match our idea of healthy. Avocado had a hand in changing the game because yes, it's all fat - but it's fat that's good for you. So that is more than enough reason for us to keep it around for good.

It's filling and despite its rich taste, it is a fairly bland flavor that can be amped up in so many different ways, it's almost ridiculous. From guacamole to avocado brownies, the flavor profile of avocado works with everything from lemon to sweet potato.

Its texture gives new meaning to multi-purpose food.

Not only does avocado's flavor lend itself well to different kinds of cooking, but its texture also works well both as a binding agent and as a spread.

Anchor your fried egg to your toast by smoothing mashed avocado over the bread first. Add a bit of olive oil to mashed avocado, and spread it onto sandwiches for a healthier alternative to mayonnaise. To put it simply, avocado works for you in just about any way you want.

Avocado speaks many languages.

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Is there a cuisine style that couldn't be made better by avocado? Hardly. Everything from sushi to Italian pestos benefit from adding a bit of avocado to the mix. This also means that its one of the most important grocery store buys since it can work at any time of day, for any kind of meal.

Thinking breakfast for dinner? Go with a Southwest-style omelet with avocado cubes. Instead in the mood for a burrito bowl? Avocado's here for you. Want to substitute something for heavy cream in that pasta dish? Give avocado a shot! Want to whip up an easy salad dressing on the fly? Avocado, olive oil, and the seasonings of your choice are all you need. You can see where we're going with this.

Looks aren't everything, but they mean something.

Naturally, we associate green foods with fresh, healthy thoughts. Popping avocado onto your plate also encourages you to reach for more healthy vegetables because your brain switches into 'green mode'.

It also photographs incredibly well, and we hardly pass up a chance to take a picture of a beautiful piece of avocado toast.

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