Avocado Prices up 125 Percent from Start of 2017

Blame a bad harvest, blame labor shortages, blame millennials and their alleged love of avocado toast, but whatever the reason, the price of avocados skyrocketed in 2017 and consumers are shelling out some serious green to feed their fancy for the fruit. As CNN Money reports, avocado prices are up as much as 125 percent since the start of 2017, meaning the average price per box is now as much as $83 -- up from just $37 in January -- which could be the highest prices the fruit has ever fetched.

It isn't just wholesale prices that are up, and many consumers are also feeling the crunch in the checkout line. The price of a single Hass avocado is now $1.17, up from 89 cents at the start of the year, according to the Hass Avocado Board.

Behind this price surge are a variety of factors. Avocados are without a doubt one of the "it" foods of the past few years, with popularity at an all time high -- even if millennials aren't really eating avocado toast.

Add to that a poor yield during the most-recent growing season, a widespread labor shortage, and the possible U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA -- which would mean hugely inflated tariffs on Mexican-made and, importantly, Mexican-grown goods, like avocados -- and the price of your guac could soon cost you even more green.

All of these factors are adding up to an expensive avocado habit, given the average American eats a stunning seven pounds of guacamole each year.

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