An Australian Couple Married at Costco to Save a Fortune

Costco recently launched a baby and wedding registry. We were excited about that. Just imagine all of the things you could put onto your wedding registry. Tons of breakfast bars and miles of paper towels are likely the wisest ways to begin the union with your loved one. It's practical, and everyone should consider it. That being said, getting married at Costco wasn't part of that deal. An Australian couple, though, recently got married at Costco. We're all jealous.

The newlyweds are from the greater Sydney area. Their names are Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob, and a wedding at Costco wasn't always their dream. Berkeley was quoted on Buzzfeed saying that the idea was initially a joke. Both she and Bob have big families, and they were toying around with venues big enough to house everyone.


They're always at Costco, and, as you know, Costcos are huge. It made sense. It was funny. Toss a few tables down, scatter some rose petals around, and anything can become a wedding venue. Right? Quickly, though, the joke of an idea became a reality.

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Come wedding day, family and strangers alike lined up at the Casula Costco to see the bride walk through the tire aisle.

That's right; Sue was presented for marriage after walking past columns of tires. (We tried using the Australian spelling of "tyre" and it just felt so wrong. Give us props for at least attempting to be authentic, though.)

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Tires aside, the wedding happened without any notable issues. Guests were fed typical Costco food court items. There were hot dogs, fountain drinks, and, of course, Costco pizza.

All in all, each guest cost the couple about $10. For those of you who had been laughing at this idea up until now, Sue and Eli will kindly accept your apology. At just $10 per head, we can't think of any better way to wed than at Costco.

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