Texas Sparkling Water Startup Could Be True Topo Chico Competitor

When health-conscious Texans decided that it was time to cut ties with soda, they moved on to Topo Chico. For 120 years, this sparkling water company out of Monterrey, Mexico existed in a corner of the market where it struggled for attention. That is until Texans decided to adopt it en masse to add to their liquor drinks, making it the base for summertime spritzers, or simply sipping directly from the bottle.

Today, Topo Chico has become shorthand for sparkling water. However, one Austin brand has decided to take on the industry titan.

Meet Rambler

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This Austin-based beverage, Rambler, is set to hit Austin area bars in 12-ounce cans this summer. And everyone is curious. The company brands themselves as "limestone filtered." Naturally, Topo Chico addicts cannot wait to see if the filtration process will create a sparkling water that will be able to dethrone Topo Chico.

With Austin-area big wigs at the helm of this enterprise, anything is possible. The Rambler consortium includes James Moody, the owner of Austin music venue Mohawk, former MillerCoors CEO Leo Kiely, and GSD&M Chief Creative Officer Jay Russell. Austin Beerworks has been tapped for help with production.

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"We are all passionate about what we drink, and Rambler embodies the thoughtfulness behind creating a new option -- a pure, honest, Texas sparkling water," said Russell in a recent press release.

"More and more, people are shifting to healthier alternatives in their daily diets, and Rambler will be a perfect complement to that movement."

Dethroning the King

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Indeed, with the popularity of sparkling water skyrocketing, there has been no better time than now to enter the market. As soda addictions are on their way out, getting hooked on water is now in fashion and Rambler hopes to be the nicotine gum for recovering soda addicts.

The best part about Rambler is that it comes in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans. That means that you'll be able to take your preferred beverage wherever you go, including the park and the beach. So to give back to the Lone Star State that gave them the inspiration, Rambler will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

In the end, no matter how it tastes, Rambler looks good. Even if it only tastes like water, it will be an aesthetically pleasing option to add to your drink lineup.


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