Austin Brewery Creates Beer That Tastes Like a Taco

Just when you think you've seen it all, someone makes a beer that tastes like a taco. Well, one that has the flavor profile of a taco, to be exact.

Last Stand Brewing in Austin, Texas, with help of a myriad of local bars, to create the Ale Pastor, wittily named from the famous al pastor tacos. FBR Management, the team behind "Mean Eyed Cat, Lavaca Street Bar, the Rattle Inn," and many others, helped Kerry and Mandi Richardson, the co-owners of Last Stand, create the perfect flavor profile.

In the beer, you'll taste notes of "pork, dried chilies, spices and pineapples," which was done by adding Simcoe hops to the beer. They generate a citrus aroma and tiny bitterness to the ale.

The beer was released on November 9 at Mean Eyed Cat, Gibson, Star Bar, Rattle Inn, Lavaca Street Bar, Gibson Street Bar, the Wheel, Lala's, and Lavaca Street Domain, according to Austin360. A portion of the proceeds will benefit prostate research.

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