Attention Filmmakers: Jameson's First Shot Competition Could Be Your Big Break

Getting a break in the film industry is rough. It's a cutthroat business where only the persistent and the strong survive. If you fall under the category of talented fearless filmmaker with a strong backbone, then Jameson's wants you. Back for its 6th annual Jameson First Shot Competition, Jameson's Irish Whiskey is going to give three lucky filmmakers the opportunity they've been waiting for - their big break.

The First Shot Competition is designed to uncover emerging talent by providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase what they got. Interested screenwriters can enter their scripts on the Jameson First Shot Competition website for a shot at glory. If chosen, the screenwriter's short will go into production with the help of British actor and director Domonic West and as well as the First Shot Crew.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a filmmaker, and only the fearless will succeed. Sine Metu - without fear - has been Jameson's family motto since 1780. Building the Jameson empire certainly took a ferocious courage, and that's what they want from this competition.

John Jameson lived the 'sine metu' motto in pursuit of his passion, and it's that fearless attitude of pursuing ones passion that leads Jameson to host the First Shot Competition. This is the competition that was meant to bring passion to life for the filmmakers that have a story to tell.

Telling the stories they want, and making the film they want, the lucky three winners will have the pleasure of Domonic West and Dana Brunetti to guide them along their filmmaking journey.

In case you're not familiar, Dominic West is best known as Jimmy McNulty in HBO's The Wire, and had roles in films such as 300 and Chicago. Alongside him will be Dana Brunetti, who is an award-winning producer that has done films such as The Social Network and Fifty Shades of Gray. With talent like that on the closing credits, this is an opportunity filmmakers certainly won't want to pass up.

If you'd like your shot at being discovered, then head on over to Jameson's First Shot Competition and submit your short script. The competition will be accepting short screenplays ranging from 5-7 pages until June 1st. To find out more details, you can checkout the FAQ page online. You can also take a look at past films to get a feel for what Jameson's is looking for. Take a look:

Only those with passion, dedication, true talent, and sine metu will a filmmaker come out on top. Do you have what it takes?

Give it your best go!

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