Arsenic Lace's Tropical Tiki Cocktails Are the Happiest Things We've Seen

Natalie Jacob is a Beverage and Creative consultant, and a master at tiki and tropical cocktails. Her cocktail photography has a Palm Springs vibe with a signature Florida flair that entices any viewer to want a sip of her fabulous concoctions. A winner of several competitions and featured by the likes of Better Homes and Gardens, Time Out New York, and Imbibe Magazine, Jacobs is at the top of her game. Running her own blog Arsenic Lace and consulting business, as well as mixing up cocktails at Dutch Kills in NYC, she's a busy gal.

In between working with bars on recipe development and brands on creative content, Jacob's is offering up some of the best Instagram-worthy cocktails around. In honor of the pink flamingo and a Boston shaker, here are some of her world class cocktails that are waiting to be imbibed.

1. Cucumber Lemongrass G&T

How do you put a tiki twist on a classic? Cucumber and lemongrass, that's how.

2. Lemongrass Piña Colada

Picture yourself listening to the waves crash on a Florida beach. Now picture this drink in your hand.

3. Matcha Colada

What's in this colada you ask? Only the finest of the finest. Rum, lime, pineapple, coconut, orgeat, cacao, and matcha.

4. Flying Down to Rio

Cocktail umbrella and pineapple? Enough said. It's vacation time.

5. Mezcal Tequila Sunrise

Don't be fooled. This beautiful packaging packs a bite.

6. Mezcal Paloma

If you're going to experience Palm Springs to the full effect, then you need to be drinking one of these fizzy cocktails poolside. It's really the only way to live.

7. Coconut Guava Daiquiri

Sure, you may have had a daiquiri. But have you had a tropical-inspired coconut daiquiri with fresh Mexican guava?

8. Frozen Watermelon Margarita

The term lush never looked so good. It's 5 o'clock somewhere people.

9. Avocado Margarita

Lime and avocado have a range of health benefits. Add it to the one liquor that promotes weight loss and you have an after workout pick-me-up. Or at least you have an excuse to imbibe.

10. Yellow Line Cocktail

Move over golden milk. These turmeric-infused cocktails are the best way to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric spice.

11. Cinnamon Apple Whiskey Sour

How do you spice up your favorite winter liquor? By turning it into a warming cocktail with the flavors of winter and the fresh look of summer.

12. Blood Orange Buck

Beach or no beach, I'll take this blood orange buck no matter how it's dressed.

13. Hibiscus Cocktail

Having a garden party with the gals? Sub the rosé for hibiscus cocktails.

14. Frozen Passionfruit Daiquiri

It's like Hawaii in a glass.

15. Cereal Milk Punch

And for desert? This cereal-inspired milk punch. It's the nostalgia of childhood meets the luxury of adulthood in one pitcher.

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