Are You Ready for Caramel M&M'S to Hit Shelves This Spring?

It's happening. Chocolate and caramel are finally coming together in M&M'S form! For too long have M&M'S been subject to an existence without their soulmate, caramel. They have been with peanut butter, pretzels, almonds, and even just by themselves.

However, come May 2017, this is about to change. The perfect partnership of a caramel and M&M'S is hitting shelves.

Introducing a new fan favorite. Are you excited for your first taste?

Posted by M&M's U.S.A. on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What took so long?

According to a CNN Money interview with Hank Izzo, vice president of research and development at Mars Chocolate, "It was a big technological challenge for us. We never before had a M&M lentil with a true soft center, so we had to figure out how to not make the chocolate too sticky or too soft that it could collapse."

It turns out that Mars was so dedicated to solving this problem that they "invested about $100 million to build a new manufacturing site in Topeka, Kansas," in which to create the perfect soft and chewy center for these highly anticipated candies.

After all, you wouldn't want them to release a product that you could potentially chip your tooth on which would then force you to admit to your dentist that you've been indulging in sugary sweets!

The Biggest M&Ms Launch in 75 Years

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While the Mars company has experimented with flavors over the years - think mint and chili nut- they rarely experiment with filling. This makes the launch of caramel-filled M&Ms one of the biggest in the history of this candy.

When asked by CNN why the company only now decided to venture into this logical flavor combination, Izzo answered simply, "Caramel is extremely trendy." He continued by explaining, "It's a $2.2 billion flavor segment and the fastest growing segment in food right now. We want to be part of this category."

And thank goodness they do because it's going to be great. The latest version of M&Ms will be slightly larger than their classic counterparts in order to accommodate the chewy, caramel-y center.

If only May could get here faster so that we could try them out.

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