Arby's Debuts 3 Deep Fried Turkey Sandwiches Nationwide

Arby's has been on a roll lately, satisfying carnivorous cravings with venison sandwiches and elk sandwiches like no other restaurant. Whether they're spinning up porchetta sandwiches or drizzling Kentucky bourbon sauce on everything, the meat-focused fast food chain is offering your second favorite Thanksgiving meal. No, it's not Mom's homemade pumpkin pie, it's something even better, and it includes the words, 'deep fry.'

Now, Arby's is continuing their meat tradition  and offering a Thanksgiving favorite well in advance of Thanksgiving: deep-fried turkey sandwiches. If there are two things better than Thanksgiving turkey, they are deep fried Thanksgiving turkey, and the sandwiches made from leftovers the day after, and Arby's is pulling together the best of both worlds. All limited-time sandwiches are available nationwide at Arby's locations from October 23 to November 30.

The Deep Fried Turkey Gobbler


This new deep fried turkey sandwich, which is the epitome of a leftover Thanksgiving meal, is just what you need when you can't wait until Thanksgiving to indulge in your turkey cravings.

Honey wheat bread is topped with pepper bacon, swiss cheese, cranberry spread, spicy brown honey mustard sauce, fried turkey breast, tomatoes, and leaf lettuce for a fresh and wholesome bite. The bacon is out of this world. Check out the review of this sandwich.

The Deep Fried Turkey Club


Arby's' Deep Fried Turkey Club features deep fried turkey breast piled high on a star-cut bun and topped with crispy pepper bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and shredded lettuce and mayonnaise.

For when you don't want the full Thanksgiving effect, but deep fried turkey sounds too delicious to pass up, this is the on-the-go sandwich for you.

The Cajun Deep Fried Turkey Sandwich


The Cajun Deep Fried Turkey includes deep fried turkey breast seasoned with a blend of Cajun seasonings, crispy onions, fresh lettuce and tomato and a Cajun spread on a star-cut bun.

To stay in the know of all food news regarding Arby's and their wild and wacky meat mountain creations, be sure to check back in as the seasons change and new menu items appear. In the meantime, did you know that Taco Bell somehow became one of the healthiest chains over night?

Now that Thanksgiving is approaching, it's time to turn away from the roast beef and spicy chicken nuggets to start celebrating the change of seasons. While the pepper bacon is no slouch, we can't help but wonder if brown sugar bacon would be best on the Turkey Gobbler. Maybe we'll candy our own in beer to try!

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