Arby's Stirs Things up with New Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Arby's made waves in the past year when it introduced its venison sandwiches -- announced with a camouflage restaurant in Nashville -- which sold out in a matter of minutes in most locations. Now, the carnivore-focused fast food chain bringing to its menu a tried-and-true southern favorite: bourbon barbecue sauce.

Arby's launched a limited-time line of Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches featuring the restaurant's new Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Bourbon BBQ Brisket Sandwich Arby's

The Bourbon BBQ Brisket Sandwich, Bourbon BBQ Steak Sandwich and Bourbon BBQ Turkey Sandwich are each served on a toasted, star-cut bun and piled high with brown sugar bacon, smoked cheddar cheese and crisp-fried onion strings, doused in Arby's' barrel-aged Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Bourbon BBQ Turkey Sandwich Arby's

Arby's is serious about its meats. According to the company, their brisket is smoked 13 hours; the steak is fully USDA Angus beef; and the turkey has been slow roasted in the oven.

Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack Arby's

For the true carnivore, though, Arby's is also offering up the Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack, which features all three meats -- turkey, brisket and steak -- along with brown sugar bacon, cheddar cheese and onion straws, liberally sauced with Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce atop a toasted bun.

If these sandwiches sound familiar, they are; Arby's introduced a line of Bourbon Back Sandwiches in 2016, but with a different sauce.

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