Did You Know That Amy's Has a Drive-Thru?

Not all fast-food has to be greasy burgers and sugar filled sodas. For the folks over at Amy's Drive-Thru, they understand the importance of serving up fresh, organic food to customers on the go. Amy's new drive-thru location is geared towards the busy health conscience individual who desires real nourishing food without sacrificing taste. Located in Rohnert Park, California, this is the first all vegetarian Non-GMO drive-thru.

Since 1987, Amy's brand has been bringing organic food from the grocery store into the home. Valuing the source of their ingredients, Amy's goal is to give the public quality products that everyone can enjoy. As Americans have become more concerned with organic and Non-GMOs, the idea of Amy's opening up a drive-thru location was only a matter of time. The entire menu is vegetarian, with vegan, gluten-free, and non-dairy options.

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Amy's Drive-Thru mission is "returning to the roots of American fast food, serving lovingly handcrafted food to nourish hard-working citizens, busy families and road worry travelers."

And lovely it is! The menu runs the gamut of all things nourishing and delicious.

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Organic burritos loaded with red beans and rice smothered in chipotle salsa, organic salads packed with hummus and quinoa, vegan mac'n'cheese, and of course their beloved organic pizzas all make the menu.

Amy's didn't forget the classic fast-food fare either. Milkshakes, fries, and burgers like the classic Amy's can by picked up at the drive-thru window. Of course, for the driver's that need a little pick me up, there are fancy organic coffees ranging from a vanilla latte to a double shot of espresso.

But wait, it gets even better. For the early birds, there is a breakfast menu offered from 6-11am. Ranging from the Ranchero breakfast burrito to steel cut oats, you can eat good food all day long. Or at least until 10pm, because that's when the drive-thru closes.

Beyond the good food, the Amy's Drive-Thru was designed to be eco-friendly. According to Business Insider, drought-friendly plants line the landscape while a living roof was installed to maximize plant growth.

Sharing one of my favorite things this Sunday night. I have posted about @amysdrivethru before. It is the world's first all #vegetarian, #nonGMO, #organic #driveThru/#fastFood restaurant. Located about an hour straight north of #SanFrancisco, I make a point to visit it every time I am in the #BayArea. I literally dream about this place. They have a rather small menu (veggie burgers, burritos, mac n cheese, salads, pizzas, fries, soups and milk shakes). Everything comes in two options: #vegan (without dairy) or vegetarian (with organic dairy). Their vegan margarita pizza, vegan veggie burger, vegan chili cheese fries, just plain fries, and salads are to die for. Next time I go I'm getting the pizza, fries and veggie burger again, but I'm also going to try the vegan mac and cheese and a vegan milk shake. They also have a new breakfast menu that I haven't tried yet. This place is packed from open until close (I have yet to see it without a line to order). Not only is everything healthy and sustainably sourced, but their building has a living roof, they collect their rain water and they recycle and compost as much as they can. I do not have the words to thoroughly explain how much I love this place. I'll be heading back to the Bay Area soon and hope to make at least two trips here. I keep hoping they'll open their second location in Seattle. I wonder if I can request that? #soMuchLove -------------------------------------------- #healthFood #veganFood #veganFastFood #vegetarianFastFood #veganSnacks #veganDiet #healthFreak #veganGirl #veganChick #veganism #veg #plantBasedDiet #veganEats #amysDriveThru #crueltyFree #runsOnLove #RohnertPark #SonomaCounty #SonomaPassion #SonomaValley #visitCalifornia

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And the water tower? That's not all show. It collects rainwater to supply a water source for the roof. Oh, and the drought resistant plants are irrigated with recycled water.

The goal of the locally sourced building materials is to make diners feel like they are eating in a homegrown environment as opposed to the average greasy fast-food chain. Let's hope that this drive-thru sparks a new craze because the nation could use more Amy's Drive-Thru locations.

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