Rock and Roll Wines Inspired by Classic Bands Amp up Your Collection

Two of the best things in this world are red wine and rock 'n' roll and the only way to make either better would be to combine them. It seems that dreams really do come true when you dream of rock and roll wine because Wines That Rock brings both things together, creating a bottle of wine that just as much fun to drink as it is to get tipsy. Rock and roll wine, what a time to be alive!

Wines That Rock takes a spin around the musical block by turning what could be average bottles into something you want to keep forever. An ode to Rock n' Roll, these rock and roll wine bottles bring the best of The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, and The Police to life.

Each designed with their own artist tale, the bottles are perfect for any music and wine lover. You can get a pack of three bottles, including of Merlot and two sweeter Red Blends for just $45.87.

Wines That Rock


The Grateful Dead wine tastes just as you would expect. This bottle is mixed with a unique blend of black cherries and peppered bacon with a velvety vanilla and caramel finish.

If you're looking for something a bit stronger, the Rolling Stones is your go-to. This bottle is packed with aromas of black cherry, leather, and tobacco with a nice cinnamon and vanilla haze.

Last but not least, The Police takes the cake with a fruity and sweet blend. This bottle is filled with the scents of fresh rose petals and wild berries. The tastes of strawberry and raspberry bring your glass of wine to life.

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While you could purchase a nicer bottle of wine in the store individually, that bottle would probably run you up to $25.00. Each of these wines averages out to $15.00 per bottle, which is a savings of $10! If you're a regular wine drinker, those extra dollars go a long way.

These wines are made to perfection and will make for the perfect hosting beverage. Better yet, these bottles are truly a treasured gift for the rock and roll fan. Get a set for your favorite musical aficionados and I promise they will appreciate you until the end time. When you're finished, just turn the labels into coasters!

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