We Can't Believe America's Favorite Jellybean Flavors

Something is wrong with America's taste in jellybeans. Beloved beanmaker Jelly Belly recently asked candy-lovers the country over to vote for their favorite flavor in the Jelly Belly Ultimate Flavor Battle. The contest, laid out March Madness bracket-style, pitted a 16 of folks' favorite flavors, eventually narrowing down to America's favorite Jelly Belly bean.

In the first round, Red Apple routed its Green cousin, Tutti-Frutti easily dispatched Licorice, Very Cherry cracked Coconut, Berry Blue bested Tangerine, Watermelon squashed Mango, Cotton Candy stuck it to Sizzling Cinnamon, Juicy Pear smoked Toasted Marshmallow, and Lemon Lime lost to last-seed challenger Buttered Popcorn.

jellybean flavor
Jelly Belly

Well, rankings be damned; Buttered Popcorn, the much-maligned, utterly divisive dark-horse Jelly Belly flavor, topped Watermelon in the Flavorful 4 before facing off, and defeating, obvious, all-American No. 1 contender, Very Cherry.

The margin -- 60 percent to 40 percent -- is enough to make us wonder what exactly is going on with our taste buds. There is one "upside," however; Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly beans are 15 percent off through May 11.

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