The Birth of America + Alcohol: From the Pilgrims to the Taverns

What you may have heard about the pilgrims coming to America is undoubtedly true, but there are many other facets to the story. What if we told you that the pilgrims stumbled upon Plymouth Rock in search of beer; would you believe it? Here's the thing, when America was founded, alcoholic beverages, such as beer, were seen as healthy.

The water that was available to drink was something you wouldn't want your worst enemy to try, as it would make them undeniably sick. The water was full of toxins and life-threatening bacteria, and you know what wasn't? Beer.

Beer became a search criteria, and the lands to make it became crucial. In this time and age, alcohol, like beer, was considered healthy. It was better for you than the water in the sense that it wouldn't kill you, giving it a one-up to the water-y subject w now know, love and need to survive. But this was a different time, and the need for survival seemingly depended on the foundation of alcohol and its existence in this new land.

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By the 18th century, spirits were not only widely available to the common folk, but they were also cheap. If the water made you and your friends sick, there was this outlet for other beverages to consume that didn't make you sick and made you feel a sense of euphoria due to the alcoholic content within these beverages.

Then there's the fact that alcohol was seen and drank everywhere at anytime--even in the workplace, whatever their workplace was. It was a social aspect in society, and it was to be served at any and all occasions, whether that's a family dinner on the plains or a day in industrial America; it didn't matter.

Outside of the home and work life, pubs and taverns were seen as hubs of social activity, but not in the way we may know them today. These pubs were places where one would catch up on their daily news via newspaper, catch up with friends, family and colleagues, and discuss intellectuality in ways that hadn't been plausible before.

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Not only was this a hub for interaction on these bases, pubs and taverns also served as meeting places for businessmen, and even sometimes was utilized as lodging for those who were without a place to stay.

Whether it be for the night or an extended period of time was irrelevant, as the tavern and pub-life was now apart of the American way, and in America, you help your brothers and sisters out, especially when it comes to alcohol.

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Also, if you were wondering where distilleries derived from, you can thank the founding fathers for this, among many other things, as well. That's right: the founding fathers of this great country were the first distillers and brewers in American history.

While they struggled and fought back and forth to define the makings and foundation of the country, they were also tinkering up ways to produce alcohol, as it was deemed a healthy beverage, plus it tasted good.

Brew It Yourself

If you ever want to know how the founding fathers felt in the early days of America, try your hand at brewing your own beer or creating your own limoncello for kicks and giggles.

It'll also impress your friends, but you didn't hear it from us.

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