Americans Put Australian McDonald's Burgers to the Test

Think all McDonald's chains taste the same? Think again. BuzzFeed put the Australian McDonald's - Macca's - menu to the test. A panel of American judges taste tested four burgers, and as it turns out, there is a big difference.

So what did the judges have to say?

First of all, the Double Beef 'n' Bacon Burger uses Canadian bacon. For diehard bacon lovers, biting into Canadian bacon on a "bacon burger" is like biting into tofu bacon. You simply don't mess with bacon. Strike one.

Should the tasting even continue?

Turns out, the Macca's have some loaded burgers that can give the American Big Mac a run for its money. The McFeast is stacked high with veggies, while the Mighty Angus surprisingly proves to be bite-worthy. And the Southwest BLT Chicken Burger? It's what you would expect from someone that Wikipedia-d the term Tex-Mex. Although not truly Southwestern, it appears to be a tasty burger. And to wash it all down? Frozen Coke.

How come we don't get frozen coke in America? And just think, what would have happened if big-brained Brad chose frozen Coke instead of Sprite. Could you imagine the brain freeze Samuel L. Jackson would've had if The Big Kahuna burger sold frozen Coke?

It's too bad it would melt before we could smuggle one back to the USA. It would sure help to wash down all those Big Macs.

You could of course pocket your Macca's, but something tells me they don't reheat well. Looks like we'll just have to settle with The Big Mac and ordinary Coke.

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