Amazon Looks to Enter the MRE Game

A term commonly known in the military world is making its way into our day-to-day and we couldn't be more thrilled. AmazonFresh is planning on providing MREs --meals, ready to eat-- in the near future. These meals will not only be ready to eat whenever your heart and tummy desire, they'll also be able to last long periods of time. And by long periods of time, we're talking apocalypse-level amounts of time.

With Amazon's recent plan to purchase Whole Foods, it makes us wonder what else these two could possibly cook up when paired together. Because these MREs have such long shelf lives, it means they could be offered up at prices much lower than store-bought or restaurant items. Per Reutersthis new move could disrupt the $700 billion grocery business in the U.S.

Not only has Amazon put buying out Whole Foods in their books, they're also looking into working with Denver-based 915 Labs, which is uses technology created at Washington State University called microwave assisted thermal sterilization, or MATS.

This type of food processing and packaging is slightly more upscale than that of the traditional MRE in the sense that each meal is cooked then packaged and sealed. After these steps, it is heated underwater using a microwave. Hey, we're all shocked that you can use microwaves underwater, but Amazon is all about innovation.

MATS-Made food is photo-worthy ... and tastes great!

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Though these MREs differ from those that the military utilizes in that 915 labs uses a a less harsh process to cook and package these meals, which have a shelf life of up to one year at room temperature.

Though these MREs have yet to hit the market, they're something to look out for from companies other than just Amazon by means of AmazonFresh. After all, Amazon does tend to set the trend and curve for various other companies, and we have a feeling this may be no different.

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