Alton Brown Teases Return of 'Good Eats' with Throwback Trailer

Alton Brown is the hero of home cooks interested in the science of recipes, and this reputation was born from Good Eats, his informative cooking show that ran for 14 glorious seasons from July 1999 to February 2012. When the show left the air, fans were devastated, but Brown stayed in the limelight, hosting Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network and publishing cookbooks, most recently his EveryDayCook cookbook.

Brown heard the fans, and announced in an hour-long Facebook video released in October 2016 that he'd be starting a new internet venture that would become the sequel to his ever-popular Good Eats.

Time for another Saturday morning chat.

Posted by Alton Brown on Saturday, October 29, 2016

And now, Brown released the teaser for his new internet show in a spooky video that plays on the campy tropes he's known for.

It's time...

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The unveiling of old props from Good Eats are a fun homage to the series that started it all, and we're so excited to see what kind of format the show will be in. Video and television has changed so much since Good Eats left the air in 2012, it's a whole new world!

So are you ready to jump right back into your favorite cooking show? We are!

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