M&M'S to Release Long-Awaited New Flavor in May 2017

M&M'S announced that there will be a new flavor among its many varieties of our favorite chocolate-covered candies. The flavor, to be debuted officially in May 2017, will include a "smooth caramel center covered in delicious M&M'S brand milk chocolate and coated in a colorful candy shell."

As the brand celebrated their 75th anniversary this year, we were certainly hoping they would debut a new flavor to take its place among our favorites so far. It sounds delightful, and even the packaging looks delicious.

PR Newswire
PR Newswire

M&M'S Brand Director Tanya Berman said, "In our research, fans were enthusiastic at the possibility of a caramel variant and we can't wait for them to try the perfect balance of soft caramel and delicious M&M's chocolate this spring." The pairing of chocolate and caramel is so classic, we're surprised they haven't created this new flavor already.

Regardless, our mouths are watering for May 2017 - can you imagine this flavor in your trail mix? Some of our favorite flavors so far include Dark Chocolate Mint and classic Peanut M&M'S so we already know their new caramel variety will definitely be ranking how on our list.

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