air fryer Oreos
Allison Johnson

Air Fryer Oreos Are a Yummy Dessert You Can Make in Minutes


I finally got an air fryer, and I'm obsessed. Gone are the days of standing over the stove cooking after a long day of work. All you have to do is prepare your food and pop it in the air fryer for the recommended cook time. You can make most meals in 20 minutes! They're so worth it y'all. Not only can you make dinner with it, but you can make desserts like fried Oreos.

My air fryer came with a lot of air fryer recipes, and so far, they are all delicious. I was surprised to find dessert recipes. I was digging through my pantry to see if I had any ingredients to make one of the recipes listed until I realized I had everything for fried Oreos.

COSORI Air Fryer, Large XL 5.8 Quart 1700-Watt Air Fryer Oven & Oilless Cooker with Cookbook(100 Recipes) LED Digital

This air fryer is a must. It cooks all of my food crispy just the way I like it. The air fryer basket is so easy to clean, which is perfect if you plan on using it just about every day. It's Amazon's choice for a reason. I'm truly impressed with how easy it is to work.

I know using new kitchen appliances like this can be tricky at first, but this air fryer has presets that only require the push of a button. It even comes with a cookbook. The recipes are impressive. I feel so much healthier using it. No oil is required and using a little cooking spray here and there is optional.

The Best Fried Oreos Recipe

Everyday Family Cooking has the yummiest air fryer Oreos recipe. The only things you'll need for fried Oreos are Oreo cookies, Pillsbury Crescent rolls, and powdered sugar. And of course, an air fryer. (Some people like to drizzle chocolate syrup on their fried Oreos.) I've seen some deep fried Oreos recipes that require pancake mix, but this recipe is so simple.

I cooked my air fryer fried Oreos until they were golden brown. I'd say these are just as good as the ones you'll eat at your local state fair. I have to be honest, I did go all out and eat these with some vanilla ice cream.

I know, major calorie overload, but hey, I didn't use a deep fryer, so I guess that means I get to reward myself with an extra treat. (Plus, our favorite chocolate sandwich cookies taste so good in vanilla ice cream.)

air fryer Oreos

Allison Johnson

The air fried Oreos reminded me of a donut. The crescent dough was soft yet flaky, just to my liking. The Oreos were still crunchy but tasted so chewy. I highly recommend getting an air fryer, especially if you love fair food!

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